Sajid Javid said it was “prioritized” to end the coronavirus pandemic, and the Delta variant could “win the vaccine race”

Labour MPs say the police should investigate Matt Hancock’s actions

The Shadow Housing Secretary Lucy Powell said that the police should investigate Matt Hancock’s behavior.

She told Trevor Phillips on Sky News on Sunday that Labor MP Fler Anderson had referred Mr. Hancock to the police to find out if any laws were violated.

“At the time, you will remember that when this video was filmed, we were all told that we can only have close contact with those who we are in the bubble. They are our bubble, and that is the only person we can have close contact with. That was the law at the time,” she said.

“Now it turns out that Matt Hancock is actually in two bubbles at the same time. The others in that bubble don’t know that this is how the infection spreads. So, yes, there are serious issues that require further investigation. We will look at those, of course, you know, Matt Hancock was the first to say that Neil Ferguson and others should resign when they break the rules, and others need to abide by these rules.

“So you can’t let the rule makers also become rule breakers. People want to know that there is responsibility.

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