Phillies prospect observation: recent first-round player Bryson Stott, Mick Abel is impressive among minors

If you can’t stand the useless work of the Phillies on the court (they have made six saves in the past four games, you may still wonder how this is possible) you can be forgiven. Even the most optimistic fans may undergo an undeniable reality check this week. But maybe the future will be brighter?

Yes, we know that the prospects are not particularly productive— At least Bryce Harper will make you think so. But there are some talents in the minor league system that deserve attention. We will say that many of these players may be a key part of the deal in July this year to help the Phillies compete, but if they do not beat the Mets on Sunday afternoon, they will play seven games in the NL East.

If the Phillies decide to sell next month, some of these people may be complacent in the majors, because the Phillies need to get long-term answers on shortstops, outfields, and mounds as usual.

This is an inspection of some young players who are now booming, as well as other cold people.

Who is hot

Bryson Stott, SS, reading

In the first round of the draft two years ago, Stott has found his best form in the minors. If the Phillies continue to lose, he may soon enter the September draft. In May, Stott participated in 22 single-A games, hit 5 homers, and shot 0.288. He was called to Double A to start June, where he was equally effective, hitting 0.300 with four home runs. With an aging infield, Stott has an open path to daily work, if he can earn it.

Mick Abel, SP, Clearwater

The Phillies’ number one prospect and the 2020 first-round draft pick won his first career victory on Saturday, throwing six unscored innings and eight strikeouts in a gem, leaving him without a hit and one. walk. Hopeful for the future of Phils’ rotation, this is a fantastic sign. After a sluggish start, his season’s SR has dropped by nearly a whole game. Abel is only 19 years old. If he makes short works for low-level minors, it will be franchised music.

DJ Stewart, 3B, Jersey Shore

The Phillies’s 2017 39th round draft pick seems to be everywhere, and it’s absolutely hot this season. Starting his 2021 in Clearwater, the 22-year-old player has scored 0.353 in 17 games and scored 21 in that time. Want to see more Stewart, he was transferred to Jersey Short, where he continued to maintain a good batting rate, since flying north a few weeks ago, shooting 0.276.

Cornelius Randolph, LF, Lehigh Valley

Randolph performed well in his first-round draft and then found himself on the injury list starting in June. Before that, he hit 0.311 with four homers and 14 RBIs.

Mark Appel, SP, Lehigh Valley

Appel was selected as the No. 1 pick by the Astros in 2013 and came here through a trade a few years ago, but did not pitch in 2018, 2019 or 2020. Not scored in a game is enough to put yourself at the bottom of our hot list.

Who is not

Francisco Morales, SP, Reading

Morales is a good example of how terrible the Phillies prospect pool is in terms of rotation. Morales ranks third in the entire farm system and pitched badly during his 21-year-old season. Morales played more than 9 times in Fightins (including 8 starts), with an ERA of 11.33, and made 34 shots in 27 games and scored 34 points. Damn.

Adonis Medina, SP, Lehigh Valley

Medina started on Saturday and things were not good because he played 4 2/3 innings and allowed five runs. In 10 starts this season, he has a record of 3-5 and a self-report rate of 5.73. According to the so-called experts, he is still a top 10 prospect, but how long will it last?

Mickey Moniak, CF, Lehigh Valley

The good news for the former No. 1 pick is that he is still very young, only 23 years old, and has shown the talent that made him the number one pick in 2016. But his short-lived center starting opportunity was terrible. With the Phillies this spring, his performance in the Triple A game was not much better. Although he did have five home runs, his batting percentage in June was only 0.214.

Archimedes Gamboa, SS, Reading

The quiet bat of defensive genius Gamboa continues, as the shortstop has only reached 0.133 so far in June after reaching 0.191 in May.

Jhailyn Ortiz, RF, Jersey Shore

Ortiz is a player with the best prospects mainly because of his bat. His performance in June was not particularly good. So far this month, he has only reached a meager 0.231.His three home runsI came before June 6th, but he continues to advance at a considerable speed, with a basic percentage net value of 0.339 this season.

John Rojas, CF, Clearwater

Rojas is only 20 years old, which makes it easier for him to accept the single-A struggle. So far this season, the Dominican has an average score of 0.231, but his average score has improved, starting at 0.193 in June.

Louis Garcia, SS, Clearwater

Another 20-year-old player from the Dominican Republic, Garcia, also found his swing very difficult, with a total score of 0.225 this season and 0.231 in June. Since June 5th, he has not contributed to RBI.

Casey Martin, SS, Jersey Shore

Until last week, Martin will definitely find himself in our “Hot” section. But after being called to the Jersey Shore from Clearwater, Martin saw his batting percentage-0.278 with the Threshers-drop to 0.143 in the past five games.

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