My daughters can swear as they please, no words are forbidden in our house, and parental disapproval is hypocritical

A mother explained why she allowed her children to swear as they pleased and allowed all the words in their family.

Alyssa Cafe mom And explained why she allowed her daughter to have so much freedom of speech.


Alyssa insisted that she didn’t want to stop her child from swearingCredit: Getty

She also explained that her parents who disagreed were actually hypocritical.

She said: “Many friends and family members are surprised to find that in our family, swearing will not bring any severe consequences or reprimand to our children.

“She is free to do what she thinks is necessary without any punishment or correction.”

She explained that since they started the family, her husband often swears and has never tried to stop.

Mom said that no language is forbidden in their home


Mom said that no language is forbidden in their homeCredit: Getty

Alisha said: “However, my husband has a vocabulary that you might think is very…diverse. He often drops a bomb casually and frequently, just like he drops’nagging’ and’conquer’. The same words.”

“His habit of swearing every day is deeply ingrained. Since he had a child, he has never bothered to adjust. It is natural for our daughter to learn some of his daily vocabulary. As parents, we are totally acceptable.”

She explained the thinking process behind this choice for their family.

She said: “As parents who believe in doing their best to imitate the behavior we expect from their children, it is hypocritical to let our children meet standards that we don’t follow.”

They also believe that swear words have a place, and this is what they taught their daughters.

Alyssa said: “By allowing impunity to curse, our daughter understands the value of an energetic’s***!’!” And the right sense of catharsis of “f***!” can be brought.

Alyssa says she thinks swearing is an important part of self-expression


Alyssa says she thinks swearing is an important part of self-expressionCredit: Getty

“But our free, and possibly even controversial, method of swearing is not specifically aimed at self-expression.

“More importantly, this is an opportunity to let our daughter know that in addition to the benevolent’please and thank you’, her words have power.”

The mother also explained that she thinks this method can help her child distinguish between what can be said and what cannot be said.

She said: “When our daughter inevitably encounters truly unacceptable words, such as racial libel and other derogatory words, we are relieved that her pre-existing knowledge of the possible impact of words will help her better Specifically understand why there is really no place to say that kind of thing.

“Instead of just designating unallowable words as’bad’ or’things we don’t say’, her social acumen will continue to be strengthened through awareness and understanding.”

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