Mitt Romney said that China is a greater threat than Russia because the country’s military is expected to become “the most powerful in the world.”

Mitt Romney warned that China is expected to have “the most powerful military in the world” and poses a greater threat to the United States than Russia.

The Utah senator believes that as Beijing builds its economy, the country may pose the “biggest” challenge to US foreign policy.


It is said that China is expected to have “the most powerful army in the world”Credit: Reuters
Mitt Romney said the


Mitt Romney said the “real challenge” is “the rise of China??”Credit: CNN

Romney said that he believes Joe Biden is “increasingly aware” of the problems that China, headed by President Xi Jinping, may bring if China continues to maintain rapid development.

Talk about CNNHe said: “The real challenge is the rise of China, which is expected to become the world’s most powerful economy and the world’s most powerful military.

“This represents a greater challenge in the coming decades.

“I think the president is becoming more and more aware of this challenge, as is his Secretary of State (Anthony) Brinken, and I think they are seeking to unite our alliance to awaken this reality and take action to dissuade China from confrontation and military Come out on the road of aggression.”

Before Romney made the above remarks, he had made similar comments in a review article in the Washington Post, saying that China is becoming the biggest “existential threat” to the United States.

“China is expected to surpass us economically, militaryly and geopolitically,” he wrote.

Romney believes that China, headed by President Xi Jinping, may surpass the United States in


Romney believes that China, headed by President Xi Jinping, may surpass the United States in “economic, military, and geopolitical aspects.”Credit: Getty Images-Getty
The senator said he believed Joe Biden was


The senator said he believed Joe Biden was “aware” of the major challenges China could poseCredit: Associated Press

“These measures are not independent: a dominant economy provides the necessary conditions for a dominant army.

“Combined, these will win the hearts and minds of many countries that are compatible with its own survival and prosperity.”

In an interview with CNN, Romney also called on world leaders to stand up against China’s actions.

Previously, China faced global condemnation for accusations of genocide and ethnic cleansing

account From inside a Chinese detention camp The brainwashed and tortured places where millions of Uyghur woods have appeared, portraying the Xinjiang region as a “dystopian hell”.

Amnesty International stated in a 160-page report that Uyghurs and other predominantly Muslim minorities face systematic and state-organized “mass detention and torture equivalent to crimes against humanity.”

The charity revealed that minorities were forced to abandon their religious traditions, language and culture and were subject to large-scale surveillance.

At the same time, an explosive new statement emerged, namely China deleted information about the origin of the virus This could have provided important clues because the country’s transparency on Covid is pending.

Romney said on Sunday: “China is doing a lot of very bad things.

“The whole world needs to recognize what they are doing and say,’Listen, that is untenable. We will not allow you to play the dominant role you want to have on the world stage, and you are implementing These atrocities.”

If Russia and China launch satellites, NATO leaders agree to join forces in a space war

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