Live music returns to Spreckels Organ Pavilion

Live music returns to Spreckels Organ Pavilion


San Diego-After 16 long months, on Sunday afternoon, live music returned to the Spreckels Organ Hall in Balboa Park.

Every Sunday at 2pm, there will be another live free concert to listen to the world’s largest outdoor pipe organ.

“But then our folk organist Raul Prieto Ramirez pointed out that it is also the largest outdoor musical instrument in the world,” said Jean Samuels, president of the Spreckels Music Association.

“We like it, and they like it too, young,” said audience Heidi Salas.

“It’s really exciting to see that he might do some West End stories,” said viewer Gina Abbiate.

The return of live music not only made the audience enjoy it, but also made the performers who have been waiting for the performance in the exhibition hall full of joy.

“In the end I still have some very romantic and heavy things that are very loud, and even the monkeys in the zoo will dance with them, so every concert and every Sunday has something different for everyone,” said Civic Organ Raul Ramirez.

The Sunday afternoon concert is the first live performance at the Spreckels Organ Pavilion since March 2020.

Instead, they have been working overtime to bring music online.

“We came down at night without notice, so we didn’t have a crowd,” Ramirez said. “We will close the border, seven cameras, six microphones, and start the game. I will play for three hours instead of one.”

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