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The value of Chinese technology companies going public Down by more than 60% In the second quarter, Beijing regulators stepped up their crackdown on the industry.

According to Dealogic’s data, since the beginning of April, the initial public offerings of Chinese technology groups on global exchanges have raised only US$6 billion, a drop of nearly two-thirds from the first quarter.

The proportion of technology listings in all China’s IPOs has also fallen to the lowest level in two years, accounting for only 21% of the financing of more than 28 billion US dollars in the same period.

At the time of the decline, the Chinese technology group is facing pressure from Beijing, which has strengthened its regulatory review of some well-known companies in the industry in recent months. subscription For us #techAsia Communication More.

Five stories in the news

1. U.K. financial regulator bans Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange The Financial Conduct Authority has ordered Binance Stop all regulated activities In the United Kingdom, a severe condemnation was made against one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges.Binance said the move will No direct impact On its website. (Financial Times, Bloomberg)

2. Toshiba director’s resignation warns of more instability Toshiba’s shareholders have Long-term “unstable and uncertain” In troubled corporate groups with them Shocked vote A director who had no choice but to resign after investors resisted last Friday said that the chairman of the company’s board of directors will be removed.

  • More Japanese company news: Panasonic has Sold all the shares Long-term battery partner Tesla bought Tesla for about 400 billion yen ($3.6 billion) as it sought to raise cash to fund its largest overseas acquisition in history.

3. Kashmir leaders urge Modi to release political prisoners Mehbooba Mufti, one of Kashmir’s most senior democratic leaders, said that India’s commitment to holding new elections in the region must be accompanied by Release political prisoners And other measures, including a package of financial support to restore public confidence.

4. Crispr therapy treats internal organs for the first time The early trial data of Intellia Therapeutics, co-founded by Nobel Prize winner Jennifer Doudna, Marks a breakthrough For Crispr-based treatments, it is shown that scientists have overcome the previous challenges that limited the use of this technology to edit cells in vitro or in the eye.

5. Trump looks forward to his comeback in 2022 Donald Trump held his The first rally after leaving the White House On Saturday night, the former U.S. President gave an arbitrary speech at a fair in northeastern Ohio, addressing thousands of supporters, calling it “the first gathering of the 2022 election.”The former president returns to the political arena Republicans quarrel.

  • Elsewhere in U.S. News: Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin jailed Imprisonment for more than 22 years On Friday, George Floyd was murdered, and his death became a watershed in the national race and policing debate.

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the day before

Wimbledon Tennis Championships open The Grand Slam tournament begins today, but only the last game of Wimbledon will be full on the centre court. From capsules approved by Andy Murray to retro-style dresses, Tennis clothing It is being upgraded this summer. (How to consume)

The outgoing Israeli president visits the White House President Ruben Rivlin of Israel Meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden Monday, before the end of Rivlin’s term, which will end in July.Israel expresses serious reservations Vienna negotiations Regarding the Iran nuclear agreement. (Reuters)

What are we still reading

The century of the Chinese revolution Deng Xiaoping, who became China’s supreme leader in 1978, is considered to be a contributor to a series of commercial liberalization. But his political reforms also addressed the tragic flaw of the Chinese Communist Party: If this centralized power is allowed to develop, it will inevitably slip into political evils and economic stagnation. On the 100th anniversary of the founding of China’s ruling party, James Kynge Look back on its history.

British companies are still fighting against Brexit Nearly one-third of UK companies trading with the EU Business decline or loss A survey conducted by the Financial Times in the United Kingdom showed that since the rules after Brexit came into effect.Six months after Brexit, the company continued to work with New red tape.

The death of Apple Daily casts a shadow on Hong Kong media The “Apple Daily” is a powerful indicator of the potential dissent still raging beneath the surface of the city.The closure of Chinese newspapers marks how the authorities are using national security laws Strangling Hong Kong’s free and unrestrained media. It’s forced closure explains The resurgence of authoritarianism in Asia.

Jihad gold rush fuels violence in Africa The central Sahel has become The center of the surge in jihadist activity, Thousands of people were killed, millions of people were displaced, and large areas of the region were completely out of control. The wave of violence is now increasingly targeting gold mining areas, potentially destabilizing the wider region.

“I told my entire network that I am gay” Earlier this month, Lee Shankland-Gort wrote a LinkedIn post telling his entire professional network that he is gay and married. “Although I want to always shine for the LGBTQ+ crowd, when I have new or potential customers, I often find myself manipulating the conversation proficiently away from my family life,” He wrote To commemorate Pride Month.

Work and career

There are more and more signs that after 15 turbulent pandemic months disrupted work and life, employees all over the world want to make changes. Pilita Clark wrote. As workers around the world rethink their jobs, the lasting power of guidance remains. We will never go beyond the ability to learn from each other, Enuma Daro.

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