BC heat wave: Lytton just broke the record for the hottest ever in Canada

BC heat wave: Lytton just broke the record for the hottest ever in Canada


Vancouver-British Columbia won the championship again in a record-breaking heat wave.

According to Environment Canada, on Sunday, Lytton, British Columbia, became the first place in Canadian history to exceed 45 degrees Celsius, reaching at least 46.1 degrees.

The Bureau of Meteorology said in a tweet on Sunday that this is the hottest temperature in the country’s history. The previous record was set in Saskatchewan on July 5, 1937.

Earlier in the day, Dave Phillips, Senior Climatologist on Environment and Climate Change in Canada Tell CTVNews.ca The highest temperature record in Canada may drop in the coming days.

Phillips mentioned Lytton and nearby Lilloet as possible candidates for record. The highest point is expected to be 45 on Sunday, 46 on Monday and 47 on Tuesday.

“It may not reach 47 C, but I think it is done,” Phillips said. “This will become a historical record for Canada.”

The Bureau of Meteorology stated in its tweet that the 46.1 reading may not even be the hottest in Litton on Sunday.

“The maximum during the day may be higher, so please stay tuned to the official recording,” the agency said.

On Saturday, Lytton has set a new local temperature record, reaching a high of 43.2 degrees. The previous record for the area on June 26 was 39.9 set in 2006.

This is one of 54 temperature records set in British Columbia on Saturday, and it is more likely to happen on Sunday.

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