With the reopening of theaters, summer blockbusters are expected to revive box office revenue

From F9 to Black widow, Movie lovers are getting ready for the big screen and streaming service’s blockbuster films to be released.

Between May 2019 and May 2020, monthly movie box office revenues in the U.S. and Canada dropped significantly 99.8%, According to Box Office Mojo, a tracking organization based in the United States.

Box office revenue growth in May 2021 Exponentially Compared with last year, this shows that moviegoers are eager to return to the big screen.

But Karie Bible, a media and box office analyst at Los Angeles entertainment research company Exhibitor Relations, said the full recovery will be a gradual process.

With the relaxation of pandemic restrictions, the ninth installment of the “Fast and Furious” series will attract viewers back to the theater. (Universal Pictures)

“I just don’t think we will achieve such a huge comeback overnight,” Bible told CBC News. “I hope we can, but I just don’t think it’s that simple.”

With the recovery of box office revenue before the pandemic still far away, and streaming subscriptions are increasing, future movie releases may provide a combination of home and theater experiences.

She said: “Streaming has undoubtedly become an increasingly powerful force in how we consume media, and the pandemic has just stepped on the accelerator.”

Blockbuster movies during the pandemic

Many high-profile blockbusters are scheduled to be released this summer, and one of the success stories so far is Quiet place part two, which one Box office revenue Since the beginning of theatrical performances in May, box office revenue in Canada and the United States has been $129 million.

Compared with last September purpose Directed by Christopher Nolan. This is a high-profile release by a major director, with a box office revenue of $58.4 million-but only 42 weeks after the theater’s release.

On the other hand, Disney chose to use a hybrid method to distribute its films. Luca It was released on the company’s streaming media platform Disney+ and some theaters at the same time on June 18, and the situation is also the same Black widow, Released on July 9.

Christopher Nolan’s “Creed” was released during the pandemic, but 42 weeks after its release in North American theaters, it only won 58.4 million US box office. (Melinda Sue Gordon/Warner Bros. Entertainment, Associated Press)

In each case, the subscriber must pay an additional $30 on top of the regular subscription to play the movie at home.

But not all blockbusters released in the summer have achieved box office success. In the highlands Since its opening on June 10, it has earned 16.8 million U.S. dollars, Killer’s wife’s bodyguard Since its release on June 16, it has earned $20.2 million.

F9, The ninth period in the epidemic Fast & Furious The franchise will be released in Canada and the United States on June 24.

According to Reuters, this is the first big-budget action movie Exclusive sale Released in theaters this year-theater owners hope it will bring a much-needed impact to the box office.

Ontario, Manitoba excluded due to the reopening of theaters

Even though summer blockbusters are in production and some theaters are open with limited capacity, not all Canadians will be able to return to theaters.

Ellis Jacob, CEO of Cineplex, told CBC News that Ontario’s Three-step reopening plan It is a positive development, but he is cheering for an earlier Open.

“It would be great if it can enter the second stage and open with a limited capacity so that our guests can come out and enjoy it. [the ninth Fast and Furious] Movies,” Jacob said.

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Amazon has acquired MGM Studios and its catalog of movies including the James Bond series to better compete with Netflix and Disney+. 2:07

The second phase of Ontario’s plan allows outdoor theaters to reopen with a limited capacity on June 30, but indoor theaters will not open until the third phase.

Manitoba is also on the fringe of movie theaters. The restriction will last until after June 26.

Other provinces have also reopened movie theaters to varying degrees.In Quebec, the theater has been open since February 26, but Not all cinema owners are satisfied The provincial government implemented initial operational restrictions, which included a ban on food and beverage sales.

Saskatchewan Opened on May 30, Alberta Welcome moviegoers on June 10th, British Columbia Follow up on June 15.

Excitement about the “collective experience” of watching movies

Shawn Levy, director born in Montreal Free man The movie starring Ryan Reynolds is currently in theaters, and he said that the whole meaning of his movie is “the joy of the audience.”Movie will have 45 days of exclusive theatrical performance Before it can be used for streaming on Disney+.

“[The] The movie experience is still very valuable. It not only returns with healthy numbers, but almost with a strong desire for collective experience again,” said Levy, who is also a director and producer of Netflix. Strange things with Museum night the film.

Ethan Tobman Free man The production designer echoed his fellow Montrealers. “I think there is nothing more worthwhile than seeing some large, personal, community-based, with people we don’t know, we have a common emotional experience together.”

“I never worry that we won’t return to that state in the end, because enjoying art together is an extraordinary human instinct. It has always been the case.”

Cineplex CEO Ellis Jacob (Ellis Jacob) said that he hopes that Ontario’s theaters will reopen soon so that the audience can see F9. (Adrian Wilder/Canada Press)

Anne Cohen, entertainment writer for New York pop culture website Refinery 29 A film critic said that it is convenient to watch movies at home, but people who like movies still want to watch movies on the big screen.

“I think both can exist. And I think in the end… it means more people like movies than in the past,” she told CBC News.

Streaming services get boosted during the pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, streaming subscriptions have surged, although some of these growth have slowed as theaters reopened.

Disney+ launched in 2019 Announce In January, it had 94.9 million paying users.

Since March 2020, the streaming giant has released many high-profile versions, including a filmed version of a stage musical Hamilton,reality show Mulan, Pixar Animation Film soul (The company was the first to be labeled Disney+Original). Recently, Luca.

Watch | Amazon acquired MGM in the latest media merger:

This year’s Oscar nominations are more diverse than ever, with nine actors of color and two women winning best director awards. But the low ratings of the Golden Globes and Grammys have raised questions about the relevance of the award ceremonies. 2:03

In contrast, Netflix’s growth slowed in the first few months of this year. Washington post Reported in April. It only registered 4 million new subscribers between January and March. In a letter to investors, the company attributed the decrease in customers to fewer shows produced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Netflix had previously gained a staggering 15.8 million paying subscribers in the first quarter of 2020, because most parts of the world are blocked.

Last summer, it released Spike Lee’s Big 5 blood,a movie Attracted 27 million households Within one and a half months after the release on June 12, 2020.Earlier this year, Netflix’s Chicago Trial 7 Won six Oscar nominations.

In April, it was announced that Amazon Prime had exceed 200 million paying users, but it is worth mentioning that the Prime service is not limited to video streaming.Its original slate this year includes Borat follow-up film, A popular sequel to the controversial 2006 movie.

Box office analyst Bible said that streaming media is “a permanent part of the landscape.” But this does not mean that watching movies is dead.

“I think this is the new normal, whether we like it or not. And I think the cinema will coexist with it. It’s just a question of how it looks.”

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