The man was injured after jumping off the plane and landing on the taxiway at Los Angeles International Airport

On June 25, 2021, a United Express flight stopped at Los Angeles International Airport when a man on the plane opened the door and jumped out while taxiing. (KTLA)

Los Angeles, California (KTLA)-A man was hospitalized after jumping off a plane bound for Salt Lake City while taxiing from the gate of Los Angeles International Airport on Friday night, officials said.

According to Los Angeles Airport police, a United Express flight operated by SkyWest Airlines was taking off from the gate area at about 7:10 pm on Friday when a male passenger on board opened the plane’s The door and left the taxiway.

FBI spokesperson Laura Eimiller said that when the crew reported that the plane started taxiing, a passenger stood up from his seat, and the authorities first responded.

Ameler said in an email: “The passenger slammed into the cockpit door and finally exited the plane through the emergency door and landed on the sidewalk.”

The Los Angeles Airport Police and Los Angeles Fire Department rushed to the scene immediately.

The male passenger was taken to the hospital for treatment after being injured.This Associated Press According to reports, he is expected to survive.

The police said that no one else on the plane was injured and the plane was able to taxi back to the gate area.

The incident happened the day after a driver hit the fence at the FedEx cargo facility at the airport. Leading authorities closed several runways. The man was eventually detained.

Neither of the two men have disclosed their identities and there are no more details about Friday’s incident. The FBI continued its investigation with the help of local officials.

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