Pennsylvania legislature relaxes medical marijuana regulations

On Friday, the Pennsylvania Legislature streamlined Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana dispensary business with a series of regulations made during the pandemic.

These regulations allow these pharmacies to provide services to patients on the roadside and distribute marijuana to them for up to three months at a time. Associated Press Report.

Governor Tom Wolf’s office said he supports the bill and said it will sign it.

During the pandemic, many restaurants and companies transitioned to roadside pickup or door-to-door delivery due to suspension of indoor operations.

State Department of Health make a notification Last March This temporarily relaxes the medical marijuana regulations originally scheduled to expire on September 30 or earlier.

Before the pandemic, pharmacies could only provide one month’s worth of medicine at a time.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the state’s medical marijuana sales exceeded $900 million in one year. According to the company, its total sales may soon reach $3 billion. Deco era.

The Philadelphia City Council recently passed a Bill to prohibit pre-rental drug screening for cannabis— Except for law enforcement and other occupations that need to operate vehicles or equipment.

New Jersey recently legalized recreational marijuana in the state. Slumped Kitchen is a cannabis delivery service company located in Malton, Burlington County. Recently Caught free marijuana samples To customers.

The company is currently under investigation for violating the state’s Consumer Fraud Act.

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