Love Island 2021 LIVE-Chloe Burrows said that because Shannon Singh hissed in the newly released show promo, the blockade made her unsatisfied

Where can I buy an islander’s wardrobe?

The online fashion brand ISAWITFIRST announced that it will cooperate with the show again after the previous successful partnership.

Therefore, we can expect women’s and men’s envy of fashion style, because the brand will provide wardrobes for men and women.

What’s even more exciting is that this year you can even purchase a contestant’s wardrobe through the ISAWITFIRST app during the live broadcast on ITV2 and ITV Hub at 9pm.

Leanne Holmes, Brand Director of ISAWITFIRST, said: “Our audience can see it in the show and turn it into their way the next day.

“This is exactly what ISAWITFIRST is after: to quickly provide high-end fashion at a reasonable price.

“We are very happy that this show is back in another series. It turns out that the Love Island partnership is a great opportunity for us to reach our target audience directly.

“Love Island live TV shows, apps, and related social media allow us to make popular looks available to everyone because we show what we wear in the show and provide purchase options.”

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