Jessie J’s health problems continue because she underwent a 24-hour medical examination to find out the pain that caused acid reflux

Jessie J revealed to fans that she is being tested for a mysterious medical problem.

The star shared a video in which she saw a tube stuck in her nose because she suffered from severe acid reflux, which made her struggle.


Jessie J is undergoing further testing to find out her mysterious illnessCredit: Instagram? @jessiej

The 33-year-old Domino singer released a video on Friday in which she danced in the new product of the single “I Want to Love” and explained the nasal tube in the notes of the clip.

Although someone saw her laughing and dancing in the accelerated video, she wrote: “I am doing a 24-hour reflux acid test (why is there a tube in my nose). I have to blame this for why that’s terrible. ”

Despite suffering from a mysterious disease, she seemed to be in good spirits and later shared a joke from her father, calling her Instagram “your tube channel”

“My dad has a joke,” she wrote beside.

The star burst into tears when talking about her problem before


The star burst into tears when talking about her problem beforeCredit: Getty Images-Getty

Three days later, she shared a video of herself with the doctor under examination. One of the cameras was placed on her nose and throat to see if they could find the problem. Three days later, the new clip was released.

Between clips of her latest single, someone saw Jessie humming and breathing quickly during an uncomfortable operation.

The star explained by the side: “My heart said:’I want to love’

The star revealed that she had a tube stuck in her nose as part of the latest test for her disease


The star revealed that she had a tube stuck in her nose as part of the latest test for her diseaseCredit: Instagram? @jessiej

“My body said:’I want a few months, like every day I have unexplained severe acid reflux symptoms and nodules. If you talk and sing, you will come and go. 100 different tests will let you continue. The biggest emotional roller coaster makes you question your next move because you can’t promote or sing the song that takes years to build confidence to create. This is what I want.’”

“If I don’t start laughing and accept what has happened this year, and it still is,” she continued. “Rather than what it should do and what I want. I will keep crying.

“If singing and acting can’t get me through it. My sense of humor will.”

Jessie keeps spirits up through impromptu fashion shoots


Jessie keeps spirits up through impromptu fashion shootsCredit: Instagram? @jessiej

Jesse has recently suffered from multiple diseases and was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease earlier this year-which led to her In another emotional Instagram burst into tears.

This disease is a disease that affects the inner ear, causing dizziness and dizziness, as well as hearing loss.

She also suffers from vocal cord nodules, if left untreated, it may have a permanent impact on her singing ability.

Jesse promises to be open and honest with her fans


Jesse promises to be open and honest with her fansCredit: Instagram

Jessie revealed all this to the fans. She wrote a long statement explaining that since the recording of the new single, she has not been able to sing the new single because it was too painful.

As part of her statement, she wrote: “Until today (since recording it) I have never been able to sing it because of the pain I am going through. Dude, it’s really hard not to sing.

“It’s actually my lifeline and my happiness. Quiet is not what I’m good at. Or make me feel like myself. God knows I say fuck out loud.

“At that moment, I knew I needed to be honest with myself, to honestly explain to you where I was and explain what was happening…

“To be honest, with your support and love, I’m sure it will help me get through the difficulties faster.

“I have always been honest, no matter how I feel. The important thing is to be strong enough to become weak. Especially on a platform like this.”

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