Director: Coronado High School will not give up the game due to the taco incident

Director: Coronado High School will not give up the game due to the taco incident


San Diego (CNS)-Coronado Unified School District Director Carl Muller said that after reviewing the audio and video of a predominantly Latino team throwing tacos at Coronado High School when they lost a championship basketball game After the video was recorded, there was no evidence that the school needed to give up the game.

In a three-page letter sent Friday to Ron Nosetti, executive director of the California Intercollegiate Association, Mueller responded to appeals from community activists and others, asking Coronado to give up June 19 In the match, Coronado defeated the visiting Orange Glenn of Escondido 60-57 in order to

Mueller wrote: “In the first-person accounts, audio and video we have reviewed so far, we have not seen the hostility caused by the player’s actions or actions, thus justifying the abandonment of the game.” “Young people on the court.” I played very hard, very fair, and won the championship.”

The tortilla throwing incident at the 4-A Championship of the Southern California Men’s Basketball Division of the California Interscholastic Association has attracted national attention, and the San Diego County School District Committee is investigating and holding a public meeting.

Mueller’s letter said that the investigation in the area had found regrettable evidence of the conduct of both parties.

Mueller wrote: “Many statements mention that the actions of people representing the two schools have created a’powder keg’ atmosphere to some extent.” “There is impropriety from CHS and (Orange Glen High School) fans, coaches and players. The language accuses that they are different people who “start” or “worse” in these interactions.”

The Coronado School District Board of Education held an emergency meeting on Tuesday night to resolve the incident, when the board of directors voted to fire basketball coach JD Laaperi.

On Wednesday, Coronado alumnus Luc Serna told FOX 5 that he brought tortillas to the game and denied that the behavior was racist. He said he evoked a tradition at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and he also participated.

“In various sporting events including basketball and football, the Gauchos at the University of California, Santa Barbara will throw tortillas as a celebration,” Serna said.

The San Diego County Human Relations Committee will hold a special meeting on Monday to deal with the tortilla throwing incident. The 27-member committee is scheduled to meet through Zoom at 5 pm.More information about the meeting can be found Here.

In a statement, the committee stated that “following reports that the recent hate incident was related to the recent sporting event between Orange Glen High School and Coronado High School last Saturday… and related reports, the committee Feeling worried and severely disturbed.

The committee statement read: “HRC is united with our community to oppose prejudice, bigotry and racism, and will continue to monitor the next steps taken by the Coronado District and the CIF Office in the best interests of our county’s youth and communities. “.

A San Diego lawmaker called on CIF on Thursday to revoke the regional basketball championship at Coronado High School in response to the incident.

“This deliberate behavior was designed to be racist and should not be tolerated now,” Senator Ben Hueso, D-Chula Vista, wrote in a letter to the executive director of the sports federation and the leader of the San Diego chapter . “Failure to implement appropriate justice quickly will become CIF’s tacit recognition of the behavior itself and violate CIF’s own principles of student-athlete moral character building.”

CIF issued a second statement on the incident on Thursday, saying that it is awaiting the results of the investigation by the relevant organizations.

“After receiving and reviewing information from the school and/or school district, and further inquiries from the office when needed, CIF will decide what action is appropriate,” the CIF statement read. “CIF is ending our review, and unless the circumstances dictate otherwise, we expect to issue the CIF executive director’s ruling next week.”

The Board of Directors of Escondido Union High School District passed a resolution condemning racism and racial discrimination at a special meeting on Thursday and confirmed its support for the fairness, safety and well-being of all students.

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