Biden retracts threat of veto of bipartisan infrastructure deals | Joe Biden News

Biden retracts threat of veto of bipartisan infrastructure deals | Joe Biden News



The President of the United States withdraws his threat of vetoing a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill unless a separate Democratic spending plan also passes Congress.

US President Joe Biden has “without hesitation” approved a fragile bipartisan infrastructure agreement. If Congress fails to pass a larger package to expand the country’s social safety net, he will give up vetoing the plan. Threatened.

Biden said on Saturday that he has no intention of implying in his earlier remarks that he will veto the nearly $1 trillion infrastructure bill unless Congress also passes the $4 trillion he and other Democrats aim to approve on a partisan line. The dollar package.

Soon after realizing the hope of reaching a bipartisan agreement, Biden appeared to put the deal at risk when he delivered a speech on Thursday. His comment was that the infrastructure bill must be advanced in “synchronization” with the larger bill.

Although Biden made it clear that he would make large-scale new spending on childcare, health insurance and other investments, Republicans opposed the president’s idea that he would not sign without other investments.

“If this is the only thing I think about, I won’t sign it,” Biden said of the infrastructure bill at the time. “It’s in series.”

By Saturday, Biden was trying to clarify these comments.

The president said in a statement: “My comments give the impression that I am threatening to veto the plan I just agreed to. This is certainly not my intention.”

He added: “I intend to go all out to push for the passage of the plan agreed to by Democrats and Republicans on Thursday.”

“This is good for the economy, for our country, and for our people. I fully support it without reservation or hesitation.”

Biden’s earlier remarks drew sharp criticism from some Republicans, including Senator Lindsey Graham, who wrote on Twitter on Friday: “Extortion no deal!”

Others changed their understanding of what they said about his position, and felt “blinded.”

According to an unnamed person, when the senators of the negotiating team held a conference call, the tension seemed to ease.

The Republican Party’s chief negotiator and Ohio Senator Rob Portman said in an interview with the Associated Press on Friday: “I hope we can still complete this work.

“Our infrastructure is in poor condition.”

The White House said that Biden is scheduled to go to Wisconsin on Tuesday for the first stop of a national tour to promote the infrastructure package.

Sudden fluctuations indicate that it will be a long process to translate Biden’s nearly $4 trillion infrastructure proposal into law.

It has been expected that these two measures will be jointly passed in Congress: the bipartisan plan and the second bill, which will be advanced according to special rules and can only be passed with a majority of the Democratic Party. It has now swelled to $6 trillion.

Biden reiterated on Saturday that this was his plan, but said he would not condition on one.

“So to be clear,” his statement said, “our bipartisan agreement does not exclude Republicans from trying to frustrate my family plan; similarly, they should not object to my commitment to pass the family plan and other proposals at the same time. .”


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