With the return of the fifth season, Endeavour fans are shocked by the bloody murder of the serial killer

Due to the terrible murder committed by the serial killer, the return of ENDEAVOUR shocked fans.

This ITV drama is a prequel to Inspector Moss and tells the story of the young endeavour Moss (played by Sean Evans) who started his career.


This popular detective drama starring the young Endeavour Moss, his career beganCredit: Rex

In tonight’s show, when a famous international thief tried to steal Faberge eggs from an auction, the newly promoted Detective Sergeant Morse conducted an investigation.

This case led to the terrible murder of a scholar and a gangster, and Morse was convinced that it was the same person.

When he was struggling with his new duties, he found himself having to mentor a young partner.

Tonight’s drama tells about several bloody murders.


Tonight’s drama tells about several bloody murders.Credit: ITV

Some bloody murders included stabbing a man in the eye with a knife and causing blindness, hitting a man in the head with a stone, and shooting another man with a gun.

According to reports, the murderer was Ruth Astor, who pretended to be a maid stealing silverware as a weapon.

The play recently resumed its eighth season.

Ruth pretends to be a maid stealing sharp silverware


Ruth pretends to be a maid stealing sharp silverwareCredit: ITV
Ruth stabbed a man in the eye and blinded him


Ruth stabbed a man in the eye and blinded himCredit: ITV

The show was filmed on Several British landmarks, Including Oxford’s Bridge of Sighs, Bodleian Library and Ashmolean Museum.

In June 2021, director Kate Saxon announced on Twitter that the filming was over, and said: “It’s over! @EndeavourTV The last list of this series-#Endeavour Thank you for inviting me @mammothscreen.”

Fans are already happy to see the next part of this fascinating drama.

An audience member said: “Congratulations to you and all the #Endeavour team, actors and staff. I am very looking forward to seeing the finished product on TV. xxx, you all need a good rest.”

Fans can't wait for the eighth season


Fans can’t wait for the eighth seasonCredit: ITV

Another wrote: “I have mixed emotions about this shot. I’m very happy that @EndeavourTV’s new series will be released later this year, but I also regret that this may represent the end of one of the best TV shows of all time. I am very happy to be involved in the world of Endeavour Moss.”

Endeavor made its debut on ITV in 2012.

The first series was set in 1965, and each season focused on a different stage of the detective’s career.

Continue to forge ahead on ITV at 9pm next Friday, or watch it on ITV Hub.

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