What are they talking about: The Eagles can afford free agent CB Steven Nelson if they still want him

As far as football news is concerned, this may be the slowest part of the year, but due to the arrival of Jimmy Kempski’s annual news, this is definitely not the case at the Voice of Philadelphia this week. “NFC East Trash Can Fire” seriesAfter a season with only seven wins for the division champions, this may be easier than ever.

At the bottom of the NFC Eastern Conference rankings in 2020 is the Philadelphia Eagles. They only won four games, fired their coach, traded their quarterback, and decided to start again in 2021.

The person they will choose under the center is Jalen Hertz, who only started a few games last season after the team’s substitute Carson Wentz, and he went up and down at the end of the season. Nonetheless, there are enough reasons to hope that the Hawks do not need to use their sixth overall pick from their poor performance on the court to draft (and they don’t feel the need to change one).

But maybe they are just spending time. There may be three first-round picks in the 2022 NFL Draft. The Eagles can simply give new coach Nick Siriani and his staff a year to get them to stand up, evaluate the current roster, and then the organization can jointly determine the needs. What changes are made to make progress.

In other words, this will be an important year for Hertz, because the team wants him to take an important step forward, especially now that he will have a full offseason job (as a starter, starter) and Having reunited with former Alabama teammate Devonta Smith, the Hawks finally selected in the first round after trading back from 6 points to 10 points.

The Hawks at least publicly stated that they have high hopes for injury, but across the country, the former Heisman finalist has some skepticism. The latest dismissal of the Hawks QB comes from Chris Sims, who made a list of the top 40 QBs in the NFL, and the injury list was completely excluded.

This is not great, because the list includes six QBs who have not even played in the NFL games and a close end (Taysom Hill). I am kind of looking forward to seeing Tim Tebow there. But maybe after Sims was recognized as being eliminated on the Hawks QB after his rookie season, it’s no surprise that Hertz was not on this list, and even suggested that the team should use their first-round pick on the quarterback. Right instead of using it to get more help for the injury.

Instead, the Eagles are betting on their second-year QB-well, they are at least willing to give him a chance while waiting for a chance to win the top QB in the draft, or to be ranked 4th on the list while they are waiting to see the law. The problem with Deshaun Watson’s QB is obvious, and then these future first-round players may be packaged into a huge deal.

However, for now, after the recent signing of Nick Mullens as their third-line quarterback, the Hawks seem to be more or less ready for the quarterback position this season. What they are not sure about is on the other side of the ball, and the team should still be looking for a cornerback to fight Darius Slay.

One name keeps appearing: Steven Nelson. This is what we will see in today’s “What Are They Saying”…

Complete Nelson

Adam Kaplan | Adam Kaplan Show

In his Twitch show, NFL insider Adam Kaplan discussed the team’s interest in free agent cornerback Steven Nelson, who has been in contact with the Hawks throughout the offseason, and whether the team is willing to pay Nelson thinks his Value, or the longer this matter drags on, maybe they have a chance to get him at a discount. Here are more from Kaplan…

“It’s about what he is willing to accept now. The club’s position is influential because they know what his value is, and this is far from what he wants. If he gets a sum of about 4 million or 5 million US dollars I think he will get it in the end. As far as I know, the Eagles want to pay 2 million or 3 million dollars, so we will see what happens and see if they can roll him or others before training camp. Get into it.” [The Adam Caplan Show]

Looks good on paper

Chris Franklin | New Jersey Net

Given the current state of the Hawks, pursuing Nelson is enough on paper, even if we don’t yet know what Jonathan Gannon’s defensive plan will look like. This will keep Avonte Maddox on the inside, where he does best, and will provide the Eagles with another weapon to help them fight off in a department with some talented (and deep) receiving corps.

This is more information from Chris Franklin of NJ.com…

In addition to the killing of Darius, there was a question mark in that location. Avonte Maddox is a good cornerback, but as a nickel cornerback he plays better in the paint. Joining Nelson will bring Maddox back to the inside, where he flourished in the first two seasons of his career.

Under the leadership of new defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon (Jonathan Gannon), the Hawks will have a lot of regional coverage this season. According to Pro Football Focus, Nelson returned to the area 30 times last season, with 19 catches and 1 touchdown. Nelson also queued up to beat and mark people 37% of the time.

With great emphasis on placing more receivers on the field, the Hawks must consider offenses that like to spread the field to the offense and defense. [nj.com]

Does Nelson have enough space?

Dave Zangaro | NBC Sports Philadelphia

in spite of OverTheCap.com The Eagles have $2.7 million in cap space, and considering his current reporting requirements, this may not be enough to sign Nelson — and again, if he is still unsigned when training camp approaches, this may change — the Eagles actually There are more deposits, according to Dave Zangaro of NBC Sports Philadelphia. According to Zangaro’s calculations, the Eagles currently have $4.975 million in cap space, but they need to use part of it to sign their last unsigned draft pick, Landon Dixon, whose cap space will exceed $1.5 million.

More importantly, the Hawks have a ready-made method that can triple the cap space in one fell swoop. This move has been discussed before the end of the season, but it has not yet happened.

In the offseason, only the top 51 contracts count towards the salary cap. As the season begins and the team is reduced to 53 players, this situation will change. […]

Once Dixon is signed, he will become one of the top 51 contracts in the offseason, which means that a contract worth $850,000 will no longer be counted in the salary cap, with a difference of $723,943. This means that once Dixon is signed, the Eagles will have $4,251,828 in available cap space.

If the Hawks do not use this cap space this year, it will only roll over to next season. However, if they want, the $4 million cap space is enough to sign another player (perhaps a cornerback). The Hawks may also trade or lay off Zach Ertz. Doing so will free up about $8.5 million in salary space. [nbcsports.com]

In other words, if the Hawks really want to sign Nelson, they may have enough money to sign Nelson. Maybe they have kept in touch with him and waited for the raid until the Ertz domino fell. Maybe this is why Nelson hasn’t signed a contract for so long in the offseason? Maybe just wishful thinking…

Welcome to hell

Brad Spielberg | Professional football focus

When it comes to the Eagles’ salary cap, the situation is not good. Of course, the Eagles have enough money to sign a player who is still available where needed. Moreover, it is certain that Ertz’s contract may be cancelled soon. And, yes, Carson Wentz’s dead money will eventually be so. But because Howie Roseman was obsessed with terminating his contract, the Hawks were not very good in the next few years. This is why Brad Spielberger of the PFF listed the Eagles’ ceiling for the next three years as the NFL’s fourth place in that time.

Currently only the Texans, Saints and Bears have worse salary caps. This is what Spielberg had to say about birds…

Philadelphia Eagles – Rank: 29

The Hawks are undergoing a full rebuild, but the good news is that they have been as active in rebuilding as they were when they tried to chase the second Super Bowl after 2017. Philadelphia has an additional 2022 first-round pick. The Miami Dolphins traded wide receiver Jaylen Wardell and the Indianapolis Colts in the draft for an additional 2022 conditional second-round pick, which could become four. Shooting guard Carson Wentz’s first-round pick.

Frankly speaking, their upper limit is a disaster. There will be more pro-rated bonuses by 2023, and the total funds allocated to invalid years are more than any other club, but they are doing their best to quickly get to the other side. [pff.com]

In fact, they are rebuilding and their ceiling situation is so bad, this is marginal malfeasance.

Repair from the inside

Tommy Lawler | Eagles Lightning

One way for the team to get rid of this ceiling is to cultivate young local talents. The Eagles have done a terrible job in this area in recent years. To be sure, they found some gems here and there, but overall, the situation is rather bleak. They hope this year’s draft class will be different.

If one of their mid-term draft picks is up to the task, they may not need to sign Nelson at all, which will allow them to spend the money elsewhere, or more likely to transfer it when they want more. Be competitive next year (or need the money to pay Watson’s salary.

One of the reasons I like McPhearson so much is his motivation to play. When he sees something, he will attack. He is a good tackler. No one would mistake him for Seth Joyner, but he is a tough, strong CB. He plays jogging. This is not the case for all CBs. Some people think running defense is optional. McPherson is an active player. He wants to steal, whether it’s running or passing. His style is in line with HITS’s mentality.

The Eagles can sign Steven Nelson as a band-aid for the CB position, but what this team really needs is to train young CB talents. They can’t put free agent money and key resources in this position every few years. They need to cultivate talents.

Gannon is a former DBs coach. This is his area of ??expertise. Give him some young players to work with and see what happens. No one says that Maddox and McPherson will become stars, but if one of them can become an above-average starter, it will be huge. [igglesblitz.com]

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