The weekend brings more and more heat to the San Diego area

The weekend brings more and more heat to the San Diego area


San Diego (CNS)-According to meteorologists, a cooling period that began in the San Diego area this week during the summer will give way to increased heat in the next few days.

According to the National Weather Service, as a huge ridge of high pressure is formed in the Pacific Northwest over the weekend, the trough of low pressure along the California coast will slowly weaken, making the local temperature in Southern California 5 to 10 degrees higher than normal.

Due to the possibility of dangerously hot weather, NWS will monitor the local desert from Sunday morning to Monday night for overheating.

The forecaster said that by the weekend, the daytime low humidity levels in the dry eastern part of the county are expected to drop to about 10%. These conditions, coupled with dry gusts, will increase the risk of wildfires in the desert and the eastern slopes of the mountains.

At the beginning and middle of next week, monsoon moisture may begin to spread to the area. This development may bring opportunities for thunderstorms, mainly in the mountains and deserts, mainly in the afternoon and evening. Meteorological services.

At the beginning of the heat wave, when the atmospheric humidity is relatively limited, the possibility of dry lightning strikes will be greater. Meteorologists say the likelihood of rain may increase later this week.

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