The video shows a kiss with Gina Coladangelo, but Boris Johnson says “The matter is over”

Matt Hancock admitted that “I violated the social distancing rules” but did not apologize to his wife because he broke the silence during the affair

Matt Hancock broke his silence today and admitted that he “violated the rules of social distancing”-but after his explosive incident was exposed by The Sun, he did not apologize to his wife of 15 years.

This Sanitation CommitteeThe 42-year-old refused to resign, saying instead that he “disappointed people and was very sorry” because he faced a call to be fired by Boris Johnson because he was brazen in Whitehall.

The CCTV image released this morning showed him Kiss his assistant passionately -A few hours later, the father of three children shamelessly demanded “to keep this personal matter secret”.

He admitted that he “violated the rules of social distancing” after preaching to the whole country coronavirus Supervision during the epidemic.

In his very brief statement, he did not apologize to his wife or admit his actions. He said: “I admit that I violated the social distancing guidelines in this case.

“I have let people down and I am very sorry. I am still focused on trying to get this country out of this pandemic, and I thank my family for their privacy in this personal matter.”

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