The screams led the man to walk the dog to a boy trapped in the rubble of a Florida apartment

Surfside, Florida (News country now)-Shortly after the collapse of the Florida apartment, when the staff arrived at the scene, a man heard a boy crying and reminded the officials to pull him out of the rubble.

Just after midnight, Nicholas Balboa was out walking his dog when he felt the ground shake.

“I thought it might be a storm coming, but about 30 seconds to a minute later, another huge rumbling sounded and felt the ground shaking. At that time I suddenly felt something was wrong,” Balboa recalled. .

When people gathered in the front of the building, Balboa and another man walked along the beach to the back.

“When I got there, there were no firemen or policemen behind the building; there might be only a few bystanders.”

Balboa and the other man approached and looked through the massive concrete and twisted metal.

He recalled: “It was surprisingly quiet there, just like the feeling in a horror movie.” “Even if all emergency vehicles are far away, they are quiet.”

Then they heard the scream of a boy.

“I could see his hands sticking out of the rubble, and he was asking,’Can anyone see me,'” Balboa recalled. “He just said, “Please don’t leave me, please don’t leave me. “I told him that we would not go anywhere we would be here.”

Although Balboa was with him, he said that the boy was still in a panic.

“He said his mother was in the apartment, but I couldn’t hear her or see her, just like I could see him. I don’t know what her identity is,” he said.

Balboa said that he used the flashlight of his cell phone to signal for help, and the police came over. More rescuers finally arrived to rescue the boy.

The boy was pulled out. He is one of at least 102 people found as of Thursday night; at least one person has been confirmed dead.

“He may be in bed and still wearing pajamas. I can only imagine you are sleeping, the floor is giving way, you are there, you are falling, I can only imagine that it is between the 8th and 12th floors,” Balboa said.

Balboa said he didn’t remember what he was thinking, but said he had to do something.

“We can see him. He is close enough, within his range, and he has to do something. Especially listening to his voice, knowing that he is still young. I know he can’t be older than adolescence,” he said .

“I hope that if I am in a similar position, no one will leave me, especially when I am alone.”

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