Several people were attacked with knives in Würzburg, Germany

The police said they had arrested the attacker in a city in southern Germany and there were no signs of other suspects.

The police said that a knife attack occurred in the southern German city of Würzburg, killing several people and injuring many others.

“After the police used the gun, the attacker was subdued. Several people were injured and killed,” the police said on Twitter on Friday, but did not elaborate on the suspect’s motives.

“There is no indication of the second suspect. There is no danger to the public,” the police said.

The Bild reported that the attack resulted in three deaths and six injuries.

According to preliminary reports, the man attacked passers-by in the center of Würzburg for no reason. The police stated that they received an emergency call at 5pm local time (15:00 GMT).

A video posted on social media showed a young man who appeared to be holding a knife was blocked by other people holding chairs until the police arrived. Another video appeared to show blood on the ground.

Würzburg is a city with a population of approximately 130,000, located between Munich and Frankfurt.

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