Now the top five Philadelphians shake their heads

There are some things about shaking head dolls that adult men can collect and play with toys.

Normally, baseball fans need to search for the gift day of the bobblehead on the calendar of the baseball stadium, or look for the abandoned bobblehead in the garage sale, if they need a home.

But this is not the only way to get a Phillies bobblehead for your mantel, office or man’s cave.

We have completed the hard work for you and found five of our favorite Phils shaking head dolls, Available now on

JT 100

The Philadelphia star catcher recently hit his 100th career home run, and for the foreseeable future, JT Realmuto will stay in Philadelphia, investing in the shaking of the head of one of the best catchers in the game. It is a wise move.

Straw hat-a straw hat given by the team to anyone who hits a home run in the dugout- Is part of this statuette This gives it a little life attraction. Imagine a Brad Miller head doll with bamboo plants a few years ago? click here.

Bohm bomb

Is Alec Bohm the cornerstone of the third base franchise for the Phillies? Although his average batting rate is not impressive, and his early defense is not impressive, the second-year professional and former top prospect is improving rapidly.he still Hit the ball heavier Better than almost all batsmen among the big men.

Early Bohm shaking his head doll May eventually become a collectible. click here.

A trump card

Want a more mature star? Zack Wheeler is one of NL’s top pitchers and has a real chance to win the Cy Young Award this season. Since Roy Halladay wore the red pinstripe, he has been a ball eater, strikeout machine, and created the best season for the Phillies’ starter. Bobbleheads also need to have the end of the recession. click here.

Bryce is good

Of course, no player is more indispensable than the Phillies’ current makeup Bryce Harper with more than $330 millionDon’t let the era of Phils baseball go by without putting Bryce-who can ultimately help the South Philadelphia team win another championship-in your home. click here.

Epidemic blood

Finally, it’s hard not to admit how ridiculous 2020 is, and how refreshing and exciting it was to see the pandemic Crewe outside Ashburn Lane day after day last summer.

This is our favorite pair of shaking head dolls Dedicated to the most die-hard Philadelphia fans This is a very unique conversation starter. click here.

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