NBA trade rumors: Golden State Warriors “will push” Ben Simmons

NBA trade rumors: Golden State Warriors “will push” Ben Simmons


The rumors of Ben Simmons keep spreading that the latest potential suitor is a name you should expect to hear on draft night in late July: Golden State Warriors.

These are the words of ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, who became the source of a lot of Simmons’ gossip last week.In the First Take edition on Friday, this is what Smith said Meeting between Simmons representatives and the Philadelphia Front Office, In addition to the Warriors’ potential interest:

This is the reality-according to reports, Rich Paul had a conversation with the Philadelphia 76ers, and it was obvious that he was Ben Simmons’ agent, so you would want some involvement. No transaction was requested, but what is certain is that if Ben Simmons is traded, he wants to have some say in his whereabouts. this is the truth. Finally, Philadelphia tried to claim that Philadelphia was not interested in moving Ben Simmons.

Let me tell you something, this is a damn lie. That is a damn lie. It’s just that they are not interested in retrieving trash for him. You made a reliable and sincere offer, and the Philadelphia 76ers will consider it. I believe the Golden State Warriors will push Ben Simmons, so please stay tuned and stay tuned. Ben Simmons may eventually enter the Golden State.

On the surface, there are two quick responses to such reports:

  1. Yes, obviously the Warriors will be by Simmons
  2. The Warriors themselves have almost nothing to help the 76ers.

Both of these things are true. Any trade the Warriors make during the offseason will be to provide stronger support for Stephen Curry in the final year of next season’s contract. Curry never said that he would leave the team, where he became a superstar, but playing elite basketball but completely missed the playoffs is certainly not his idea in his later years. The Golden State Warriors are expected to return Klay Thompson in the 2021-22 season. Assuming that he is close to normal, the team will soon rise from a marginal contender in the playoffs to a legitimate contender with the correct actions.

Simmons would be a great fit for the Golden State Warriors because they are one of the few teams in the league that can cover up his weaknesses and get the most value from his strengths. Fighting side by side with the elite shooting backcourt, Simmons’ passing and transition abilities may take center stage, and the Warriors’ history of using small ball lineups will provide them with a starting point to build from Simmons. Simmons may be in Cause a devastating blow in the short term. Roll the passer.

The 24-year-old “guard” (no matter who he plays for, this title may change) is also young enough to help the Warriors enter the next era of basketball, but he is productive enough to help them win their current victories. It’s a difficult thing to balance, but it’s part of what makes him valuable to the Golden State Warriors and other teams looking to fix and improve without having to step back.

At the other end of the negotiating table, the problem is that most of the Golden State Warriors’ most valuable assets provide delayed gratification. After the lottery, the Warriors now have the 7th and 14th picks in the 2021 NBA Draft, as well as last year’s second pick, James Wiseman. Wiseman is a bit like a “bystander’s eye” type of player, a talented big man. Although he showed his lack of experience last season, a developing big man basically did not bring anything special to the 76ers. s things.That is most The same is true for draft assets-if the 76ers trade Ben Simmons, they need a return to provide immediate production and help for Joel Embiid in order to compete for the title in the short term.

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If you are looking for a potential way to trade, the Warriors can Become a useful partner with their ability/willingness to provide quality assets that can be immediately redistributed to something/someone the 76ers desire more. For example, if a team like Washington is finally ready for Bradley Beal to transfer and enter more real rebuilding phases, then this year’s pair of lottery drafts will be a good start, even though that’s hardly It would be the end of the discussion if they were not the team that brought Simmons back to the deal.

Unless the 76ers want Andrew Wiggins and his expensive contract for some reason – and his general playing style runs counter to Darryl Morey’s view of basketball – another complicating factor is Figure out where to rearrange Embiid’s former Kansas teammate. This is likely to require additional draft compensation to achieve, at this time you must question whether any team is motivated to make Simmons-centered trades instead of exploring other routes. Draymond Green is a better player, but if he participates in the trade, the same problem still exists, because the 76ers use his talent much less, and Embiid is already playing for the Philadelphia team. .

(It needs to be clear that in the Golden State Warriors last year, Wiggins was actually a better self. He made a considerable leap as a shooter and accepted their team philosophy. But if you count on him Become one of Embiid’s main assistants to chase the championship, I think your future is only painful.)

If both parties really want this to happen, I’m sure they can complete a Frankenstein monster deal on or before draft night next month. Where there is a will, the NBA often has a way. But it will depend on so much cooperation and so many different variables that it seems not worth the trouble from where we are today. I won’t rule out this possibility completely, but if Simmons is eventually moved, then the route to achieve it is less complicated.

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