Museum of History cancels Canada Day event

Following the latest discovery of hundreds of unmarked graves in a former boarding school in Canada, the Canadian Museum of History has decided to cancel this year’s Canada Day event.

In an internal email sent to staff, Caroline Dromaguet, acting president and chief executive officer of the museum, stated that the decision was directly related to the discovery of the remains of approximately 215 children. B.C.And 751 inches Saskatchewan.

some Municipalities across Canada Canada Day has also been cancelled in recent weeks.

“The museum believes that it is its responsibility to resolve this national tragedy,” Dolmagai wrote. “Therefore, the History Museum will not host any special Canada Day events.”

The museum will be open to visitors on July 1st and admission is free.

Dromaguet said a sign will be posted in the Canadian History Hall near the boarding school module to highlight recent findings.

These signs will indicate that the museum will “review its contents immediately” to ensure that it is sensitive, appropriate, and reflects the discovery of unmarked graves. In the next few days, the First People’s Hall and other areas will also be revised.

The flag will be lowered at half-mast in the museum and will be illuminated in orange.

“The museum will continue to provide a platform for indigenous voices to commemorate these children and all those who have not yet been discovered,” Dromaguete added in her statement.

“The museum recognizes and will continue to face its colonial history, and prioritizes efforts to advance us in a spirit of reconciliation.”

Anyone affected by the boarding school’s lingering influence, and those affected by the latest report, can get support.

A nationwide Indian boarding school crisis hotline has been set up to provide support to boarding school survivors and other affected people. People can call the 24-hour national crisis hotline: 1-866-925-4419 for emotional and crisis referral services.

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