Live broadcast of the 2021 U.S. Gymnastics Olympic Trials

Live broadcast of the 2021 U.S. Gymnastics Olympic Trials


Gymnastics fans are eagerly looking forward to the Tokyo Olympics, where they will watch their favorite athletes compete on the world stage.

The gymnasts will face off against the US Olympic team composed of six women and five men.

This Olympic The gymnastics trials will be held from June 24 to 27, 2021.

Men and women will compete twice in each discipline.

The men’s team will start the trial on June 24, and then compete again on June 26.

The women’s team will perform on June 25th and June 27th.

The result is determined by the accumulated points of the two days of competition.

The head of the Tokyo Olympics has confirmed the largest crowd 10,000 people will be allowed to participate in the Olympics next month.

Although overseas supporters were barred from traveling to Japan, domestic fans were given the green light.

Due to the safety concerns of the person in charge, overseas fans were banned from participating in early 2021.

After the last meeting between the Olympic bosses, the Japanese and municipal governments announced that the number of participants at the event would be limited to 10,000 people or 50% of the venue capacity.

In addition, 20,000 spectators will be allowed to participate in the opening ceremony at the Olympic Stadium on July 23.

  • Simone was stunned on the vault

    “She is much better than the others,” Dajit said.

    “She is great. She has so much power. The only thing she struggles with is to control this power,” Liu Jin added.

  • Who is commenting on the Olympic trials?

    Terry Gannon, Nastia Liukin and Tim Daggett are commenting on NBC Sports’ Olympic trials.

    Liukin and Dajit are both former gymnasts.

  • KARA EAKER upper beam

    Nastia Liukin praised Carla for her fluency in her daily work.

    “This is a great routine,” Dajit added.

    She earned 14.400.

  • Grace McCallum

    Grace asked the audience to cheer for her optimistic live performance.

    “Once again, fighting injuries earlier in the season and finally reaching the top at the right time,” Liu Jin said.

    Grace injured her hand. Her routine score is 14.166.

  • MCKAYLA Skinner’s BEAM DISMOUNT is amazing

    MyKayla Skinner performed so well on the crossbar that she cheered after dismounting to complete a completely twisted double.

    She earned 14.133.

  • SIMONE BILES brings power to the floor

    Simone Biles spoke next, shocking the commentator and the audience.

    Simone currently has two floor exercises named after her, one of which is a triple twist of the back.

    “She is so strong. Many times she can’t stay in the bounds… She just bounces off the floor area,” Dajit said.

    “She is the only woman doing this on the floor-three twists, two flips,” Dajit added.

    “It doesn’t matter if she crosses the line… She is much better than the others,” Liu Jin said. “She has no competitors. She is competing with herself.”

    Simone got 15.366 for her routine work.

  • SUNI LEE next door

    “We often talk about reaching the top at the right time. Li Suni did just that,” Liu Jin said.

    “It’s great for Suni. She is recovering from an ankle injury,” Dajit added.

    Dajit said that despite her ability to do four times, she only made three tumbling passes.

    Suny got 13.233.

  • Jordan peppers on the floor

    “What a great routine,” Liu Jin said after Jordan fell to the ground.

    The commentator said that she has made great progress in just a few years.

    Simone Byers told Jordan to train with her in the spring of Texas. Simeone has always been Jordan’s mentor and friend.

    Jordan got 13.633.

  • Grace MCCALLUM recovers from nearly falling beam

    Grace McCallum (Grace McCallum) once almost fell off the crossbar when he passed the ball.

    “She obviously has the ability to do better, and she had this kind of vacillation in the early days of her routine,” commentator Nastia Liukin said.

    “She is calm and confident. She is a good team player,” Liu Jin added.

    McCallum scored 13.866.

  • The last five, Laurie Hernandez (LAURIE HERNANDEZ) joined

    Laurie Hernandez speaks at the gymnastics trials. Hernandez participated in the final five teams of the 2016 Summer Olympics.

    She said there was a lot of tension during the Olympic trials.

    Hernandez said: “I remember in 2016, some small mistakes were made here and there, and the boundaries were crossed.”

    “Personally, I felt more nervous the next day because that was when they decided who formed the team,” she added.

  • SIMONE BILES has uneven bars in her “worst incident”

    Simone Biles, 24, from Spring, Texas, next performed on the uneven bars. The judges said that Byers called this her least favorite event.

    “Not bad for your worst incident, right,” a judge joked. “She is in her own league.”

    Byers’ dismounting shocked the judges. This is a double back with two twists. She earned 14.600.

  • Sunee Lee was stunned at the bar

    Suni Lee shocked the judges with her regular moves on the uneven bars.

    “That will definitely win a medal,” a judge said.

    Lee earned 15.300 points for her daily work.

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