Kevin Cooney: The Phillies know what they are-they just need to figure out how to solve it

Wednesday’s comments on Bryce Harper’s Zoom call were surprising in nature and described the state of the team.

The question is what the Phillies must do to convince the president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski to make one of the earth-shattering moves before the deadline, which shocked clubs across the United States.

But Harper-less than a quarter of a 13-year contract-gave his own franchise address status.

“We must be able to go [to New York this weekend] And win the games we need,” Harper said. “We are a little tired in the minor leagues and can’t really trade anyone, and there really is no one of us who can trade there to get very, very good players. Dave Dombrovsky needs to believe that if he comes on the field and adds more candidates, and it is worth it when that time comes, we can play and win the game. “

We are a bit exhausted. No one of us can trade there to get very, very good players.

Maybe this is not what Harper meant. But Harper is a keen person, and you must think that he understands how the usage of these words will work. And he understands that when he came here from the Nationals in 2019, the Phillies team he was sold or believed to exist-a ready-made lineup that had some prospects in the system and was ready to compete-was not a reality Happening. right now.

If the Phillies and Dombrowski want to make such a monster, then do it and ask yourself: Who will be traded to accomplish this feat?

Spencer Howard, who revealed that he is an elder with a problematic arm? Mick Abel, maybe the only top pitcher prospect in the system? If Didi Gregorius does not fully recover, might Bryson Stott need to fill shortstop here sooner or later?

Dombrowski is not dealing with the shallow water of the swimming pool, he is trapped in an absolutely dry desert. This is the biggest indictment of the Matt Crentak/Andy McPhail era. The two top ten picks — Mickey Moniak and Adam Hasley — are essentially anything The pitcher in the trade, not the team accepting his legal purchase points.

And, because of this, Harper’s point of view has become more magnified, and for the 2021 Phillies, this issue is more confusing than ever.

They may be in a state of competition, but they are far from enough to truly compete. Their situation is supported by the failures of others, not their success. As Washington and Atlanta begin to solve the problem, this game looks like a three-horse game that does not include Philadelphia.

Reconstruction has never been an easy word to mention, and it does not provide any guarantees. When you don’t have a place for the playoffs for 10 years now and you don’t see the end immediately, you will hesitate to go again.

However, by trying to force a non-existent competition, not knowing one’s position and the risks to the team’s long-term health is a worse proposal for the Phillies. This means having to be honest with yourself, the fan base and the players.

This is what makes Harper’s comments on Wednesday so interesting. When some players see things slip away, this is not a cry for help. This is an understanding of where things are and where they can go.This is a default system shattered. (And for the record, this is not the voice of a person who wants the next ticket out of the city.)

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