Jack Greeley’s £100 million deal for Manchester City is concluded, Liverpool “starts Don Yelmullen talk”

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SunSport can reveal that Jack Greerich’s camp believes that they have given him the green light to leave Aston Villa-paving the way for a £100 million transfer to Manchester City.

City owner Pep Guardiola is eager to bring the England star to Etihad this summer, as he is planning a defending and eventually winning the club’s first Champions League.

Villa has always insisted that they do not want to sell the 25-year-old player, and he has four years to sign the current contract with his junior club.

But SunSport understands that the negotiations with Grealish’s agent Stellar in the past few weeks have made his team happy that they have now reached an agreement that once the euro ends, the organizer can withdraw.

Manchester City expressed their willingness to break the current British transfer record, that is, Manchester United paid Juventus Paul Pogba at a price of 89 million pounds.

With Grali really wanting to enter the Champions League, Villa knew they could not stop him.

During the players on duty, Manchester City postponed any official offer.

But they are expected to take action in July so that Greeley can start pre-season training with them.

At the same time, Graham Porter has become the latest front-runner for Tottenham’s new coach.

But former Wolves coach Nuno Espirito Santo (Nuno Espirito Santo) returned to the competition after another day of dramatic hunting at the North London club.

Spurs chairman Daniel Levy hopes Brighton coach Porter will be as successful as his last raid on a South Coast rookie when he bought Mauricio Pochettino from Southampton in 2014.

The head of the Seagulls has been widely praised for improving the Sussex Strugglers’ playing style while trying to keep them in the Premier League.

Since the firing of Jose Mourinho in April, Levi has been looking for a permanent boss.

Finally, according to reports, since joining Roma to repair the relationship with the midfielder, Mourinho had a meeting with Henrik Mkhitaryan.

According to reports, the pair has settled after Manchester United fell out. Mkhitaryan has only started 26 league games in 18 months under the leadership of Mourinho.

The 32-year-old Mkhitaryan even reached a new one-year contract with the Serie A club earlier this month.

According to “Roma Sport”, he was very happy to play under the Portuguese and was persuaded to stay after the two held a meeting.

According to the report, the pair even joked that they had firmly supported them during their time at Old Trafford.

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