If the visitor refuses to be assigned to a banned opponent, England fans can get 7,400 additional tickets for the 2020 Euro Cup in Germany

Due to travel restrictions, England fans may receive an additional 7,400 tickets for the match against Germany on Tuesday.

German supporter Unable to travel to the UK And complete the isolation period in time for the second round of competition at Wembley.


As German supporters cannot travel, England fans can get more tickets[/caption]


England trains ahead of massive clashes with rival Germany on Tuesday[/caption]

This means that the 7,400 tickets they allocate can be obtained for fans of the Three Lions. The Telegraph reports.

The game was originally planned to be played in Dublin, but because the Irish capital could not guarantee the number of spectators, UEFA moved it to London.

Wembley can hold 45,000 fans on Tuesday EUR There was a conflict and some tickets were posted online on Wednesday and Thursday.

United Kingdom Supporters will receive an official grant of 7,400 on Friday.

Germany should get the same number of tickets, but Covid travel complications may destroy fans’ hopes for the Wembley trip.

The Telegraph reported that the German Football Association can play safely instead of asking for their allocation.

This will make way for more Three Lions fans to cheer for Gareth Southgate’s team against their biggest opponent.

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In order to participate in the Wembley matchup on Tuesday, fans of our old rivals had to fly out of Germany yesterday to have a chance to complete the five-day British isolation period.

As their country severely cracks down on immigrants from the UK, they will have to take more time off for two weeks of isolation after returning home.

Earlier this week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged EU countries to quarantine all people entering the British quarantine zone-regardless of whether they have received a double blow-to prevent the spread of the delta virus.

Yesterday, Bild led the German groan because it told their fans that they must watch at home. Its report read: “Imagine Germany playing at Wembley Stadium-but there are no German fans.

“It is this situation that threatened us on Tuesday. As of now, the national team has had to give up the support of the German team.

“Current entry regulations are almost impossible to travel to London.”

In addition to having to leave yesterday, German fans must also take a negative Covid test tomorrow and one hour before the kick-off at 5 pm on Tuesday.

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