Escondido League High Commission passed resolution condemning racism

Escondido, California — The Escondido United High School Board of Directors unanimously passed a resolution on Thursday night to formally condemn racism and support the equality and safety of all students.

“This is a step,” said Tina Pope, chairman of the board of Escondido Union High. “This is just the beginning. There is a lot to do.”

The special meeting on Thursday was in response to a racially sensitive incident that occurred after the regional championship basketball game between Coronado High School and Orange Glen High School last weekend.Video show Tortillas are tossed to orange GlenAfter Coronado won, a team dominated by Latinos.

“It is necessary to reassess the seeds we planted in schools,” said Jennifer Lopez, a former Orange Glen student. “It is necessary to talk about power, privilege and race.”

Lopez, along with other parents, faculty, staff, and students, expressed concerns to the board of directors all week.

“Unfortunately, racist behavior is commonplace in the lives of our students,” Anna Cardi said. “Specifically, we have all heard the voices of people who work in our own areas and in our own schools. We need to promote more than just elaborate messages.”

The resolution also established an equity and cultural competency committee to design an inclusive policy for all students, families, and faculty and staff. The board members pointed out that the committee should work with the community to get more opinions and make suggestions to expand the scope of the resolution.

“I actually want to see it go further and tackle discrimination in other areas, such as class discrimination, sex discrimination, and sex discrimination,” said Board member Beardney.

The board of directors will retain the resolution so that it can be added in the future.

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