Coronavirus: What happened on Friday in Canada and around the world

Coronavirus: What happened on Friday in Canada and around the world



South African health officials said on Friday that with the arrival of more Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, South Africa’s goal is to more than double the daily COVID-19 vaccination rate in the next month to more than 200,000.

The country’s vaccination campaign started slowly because AstraZeneca’s vaccine was much less effective against the major local coronavirus variants.

Given the huge global demand, the government finds it difficult to obtain supplies from other manufacturers.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, out of a population of 60 million, only 2.5 million have been vaccinated with a one-time Johnson & Johnson vaccine or two Pfizer vaccines so far.

Nicholas Crisp, a senior official involved in vaccine promotion, said at a press conference: “Now we can do it, and in the past two days we have achieved more than 100,000 cases per day.” “We will do it next week. The goal is to reach 150,000 times a day and 200,000 times a day by mid-July. The goal is to have sufficient resources in the field to carry out 250,000 vaccinations every day by the end of July.”

He added: “The President asked us to pursue a goal of 300,000 people per day, and I think everyone in the vaccination response plan will work hard to achieve this goal.”

Acting Minister of Health Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane stated that Pfizer delivered nearly 4.5 million doses of vaccine in the second quarter and promised to provide slightly more than 15.5 million doses in the third quarter, including nearly 2.1 million doses in July.

South Africa received a total of 30 million Pfizer injections and 31 million Johnson & Johnson injections.

Kubayi-Ngubane said Johnson & Johnson has provided 500,000 injections for a study of medical staff, compared with 300,000 injections last week and 1.2 million on Thursday. It is expected that there will be 500,000 doses of Johnson & Johnson soon, but the time has not been determined.

She said: “With this flow of vaccines, we will be able to promote the vaccination of frontline workers from department to department.”

-From Reuters, last updated at 7 am Eastern Time

What’s happening in canada

Watch | BC areas with low COVID-19 vaccination rates:

More than three-quarters of adults in British Columbia have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, but in areas with low vaccination rates, health authorities are opening drive-through and flash clinics to try to get more vaccines. 2:01

As of early Friday morning, Canada had reported 1,411,652 confirmed COVID-19 cases, of which 9,349 were considered active. The death toll on CBC News is 26,192. To date, more than 34 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been vaccinated across the country. CBC’s vaccine tracker.

In Atlantic Canada on Thursday, health officials reported a total of 7 new cases of COVID-19, of which 5 were from Nova Scotia And two New Brunswick.

No new COVID-19 case reports on Thursday Newfoundland and Labrador or Prince Edward Island,this will Open to more travelers As of Sunday, from Atlantic Canada.

Health officials in Quebec 96 new COVID-19 cases and 4 other deaths were reported on Thursday.On Friday, the province lifted more public health restrictions on: Fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

in Ontario, Health officials reported six deaths and 296 new cases COVID-19.

Watch | The outgoing chief medical officer defends Ontario’s handling of the pandemic:

Ontario’s outgoing chief medical officer, Dr. David Williams, told Andrew Chang of the National that despite differences and failures, the province has generally done a good job in responding to the pandemic. 9:15

On Thursday in the Prairie Province, Manitoba Reported two deaths and 106 new cases COVID-19.The province that is about to reopen is opening Appointment for the second dose of vaccination As of Friday, all eligible residents.

Saskatchewan, Meanwhile, there are no new death reports, and 52 new COVID-19 cases.

in Alberta, Health officials reported 1 death and 73 new cases.

Across the north, Yukon Territory 18 new COVID-19 cases were reported on Thursday, making Active cases increased to 107. No new case report Nunavut or North-west region.

in British Columbia, Health officials report 75 new COVID-19 cases Three other people died on Thursday.

-From CBC News and Canadian media, the last update time is 7:05 AM EST

What is happening around the world

On Friday, as the number of infected people in Indonesia surged, outside a hospital in Bekasi, a makeshift tent was used to treat patients who tested positive for COVID-19. (Resus/AFP/Getty Images)

According to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University, as of early Friday morning, more than 180 million COVID-19 cases have been reported worldwide. Coronavirus tracker. The reported global death toll exceeds 3.9 million.

inside Asia Pacific, The Minister of Health said that Indonesia is moving the medical emergency department in the capital Jakarta to tents outside the hospital to create more space for COVID-19 beds as the authorities scramble to increase the capacity of the hospital amid the surge in coronavirus cases.

In Australia, central Sydney and the eastern suburbs of the city, including Bondi Beach, will enter a one-week lockdown as the authorities are working to contain the city’s highly contagious delta virus surge.

in Africa, John Enkengasson, director of the African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that with the third wave of epidemics sweeping the African continent and countries trying to obtain enough vaccines for their populations, health officials have not won the fight against the pandemic.

inside America, Mexican health regulators have approved the vaccine from the US drugmaker Pfizer for use in children 12 years of age and older.

Alejandro Navas’s wife, who died of COVID-19-related complications, spread his cremation on a hill in the El Pajonal de Cogua Nature Reserve north of Bogota, Colombia on Thursday After the remains, she expressed condolences. (Ivan Valencia/Associated Press)

The Minister of Health of Chile said that the first case of a delta variant that is more contagious has been found in this South American country.

inside middle East, Israel, a world leader in vaccination, once again requires people to wear masks in indoor public places, because the arrival of the new virus has triggered the outbreak of the coronavirus. Israel has launched one of the most successful vaccination campaigns in the world, vaccinating approximately 85% of its adult population. In recent months, as the number of active cases has plummeted, almost all restrictions have been lifted.

in EuropeOn Thursday, under pressure from airlines and travel companies to relax restrictions on COVID-19, the United Kingdom added 17 countries and regions, including Malta, the Balearic Islands and Madeira, to its “green” safe tourism destinations List.These increases mean that people travelling to these destinations will no longer need to self-quarantine for 10 days after returning to the UK

Health Minister Jens Spahn said that the more contagious variant of the delta coronavirus will dominate Germany in the summer.

-From Reuters and Associated Press, the last update time is 7:05am EST

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