As the Minister of Health declined to comment, Gina Coladangelo appeared in shocking photos

DHSC stated that the recruitment of COLADANELO was “in the usual way and following the correct procedures.”

In September, Mr. Hancock appointed her as a non-executive director of DHSC, making her a strong member of the department’s supervisory committee.

Since there is no public appointment record, this made headlines, which will allow her to earn at least £15,000 from taxpayers’ money, and possibly an additional £5,000.

This role puts her in charge of “monitoring and monitoring performance”—in fact, to review the issues that Mr. Hancock cares about.

A DHSC spokesperson stated that the appointment was “conducted in a conventional manner and followed the correct procedures.”

It is also understood that since April, she has obtained a parliament pass to enter the Palace of Westminster unregulated.

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