After the Balearic Islands were included on the Covid Green List, Magaluf Beach was ready for the arrival of the British

After the Balearic Islands were added to the British green list, MAGALUF Beach is preparing to welcome the return of the sun-deprived British.

Holiday hotspot Has been added to the green list Other popular holiday destinations such as Malta and Madeira.

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Magaluf Beach is preparing for the British basking in the sunCredit: Solarpix
The Balearic Islands are added to the UK's green list


The Balearic Islands are added to the UK’s green listCredit: Solarpix

The Minister of Transport Grant Sharps has confirmed that Malta, the Balearic Islands and the Caribbean Islands will be added to the green list.

Now, the party resort is ready to meet the fun-seeking British again, who are eagerly waiting to fly to their favorite resort for a well-deserved holiday.

Millions of British people have been patiently waiting to join other tourists enjoying the sun at Magaluf Beach.

But the situation is different this year. Officials have implemented strict Coronavirus disease limit, Including banning dancing and going out after 2 in the morning.

All the Balearic Islands, known for their nightlife and overnight clubs and bars, will have a curfew at 2 am indoors and outdoors, and dancing outside or indoors is also prohibited.

Strict measures mean that people can easily break the law when they go out at night.

It as the authority Warn holidaymakers to “take responsibility” Party hotspots in Spain, such as Ibiza and Majorca.

The British are eager to fly to their favorite party hotspots


The British are eager to fly to their favorite party hotspotsCredit: Solarpix
There will be some Covid-19 restrictions


There will be some Covid-19 restrictionsCredit: Solarpix
Dancing will be banned


Dancing will be bannedCredit: Solarpix

Following last year Anti-“Junk Tourism” Act When Revelers were found crashing into cars and causing chaos, Officials threatened to close the popular Calle del Jamon and sister street Calle de la Cerveza because they were worried Coronavirus disease violation.

16 resorts have been added to the country’s green list, which is a major push for vacations.

Starting next week, Britons will be able to travel to their favorite holiday hotspots without having to quarantine on the way back.

Simultaneously, The price of a flight to a sunny destination has tripled Within minutes, the cost of air tickets to Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca and Malta soared by 200% overnight.

there’s a few Other destinations left on the amber list, According to the British traffic travel light system.

People who travel to the UK from countries on the Amber List must be quarantined at home for 10 days and must undergo a Covid test before arrival, as well as on the second and eighth days of quarantine.

But the ministers It has been confirmed that the double thorn British do not need to be isolated When they return to the UK in the future.

The British are eager to join other tourists enjoying the sun


The British are eager to join other tourists enjoying the sunCredit: Solarpix

Secretary of Transportation Grant Sharps confirmed the move In Boris said that now is the time to open up international travel again.

Those who have been vaccinated twice will have greater freedom when traveling because they are fully protected from Covid.

This means that amber-listed destinations like France and Greece will appear within a few weeks—possibly as early as August.

Ryanair’s boss criticizes the “confusing” green list countries because Cyprus, Greece and the Canary Islands are still closed despite low case rates

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