After reaching an agreement with the government, Sunwing will eventually provide customers with a full refund

Sunwing said it has reached an agreement with the Canadian Corporate Emergency Financing Corporation. Used for financing, allowing more customers to get refunds.

The travel company stated that customers who have cancelled their holidays due to the pandemic and have received non-refundable bookings for future travel points or travel vouchers can now request a full refund.

Sunwing stated that customers who wish to retain travel points can do so.

Watch | Sunwing customers are frustrated with refund delays:

For flights cancelled due to the pandemic, Sunwing Airlines’ frustrated customers have been waiting a long time to get their refunds even though other airlines have compensated for their flyers. 2:04

It says that future travel credits can be used for travel until September 30, 2026.

To apply for refunds, eligible customers and travel agencies must submit their applications through the online COVID-19 refund application form before August 27.

The new policy applies to hotels, flights and vacation packages booked on or before Friday, June 25, 2021, and plans to travel on or after February 1, 2020.

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