Watch Cristiano Ronaldo prank Portuguese teammate Pepe as the superstar secretly pours cold water on his head

After Cristiano Ronaldo gave him a shock during training, he pranked the Portuguese teammate Pepe.

After qualifying for the Euro 2020 group stage, Ronaldo secretly poured cold water on the head of the defender to ease the atmosphere.


Cristiano Ronaldo secretly follows Portuguese teammate Pepe
Ronaldo poured cold water on Pepe's head


Ronaldo poured cold water on Pepe’s head
Ronaldo thinks this is funny, Pepe is good at pranks


Ronaldo thinks this is funny, Pepe is good at pranks

The Portuguese superstar took some time from the fierce Euro 2020 competition to calm his fiery teammates.

Ronaldo climbed behind Peppa and splashed cold water on Peppa’s head.

Unsurprisingly, the 38-year-old central defender was shocked by the icebreaker, but he accepted it well.

Ronaldo and Pepe both laughed after helping Portugal advance to the round of 16.

As international teammates, Cristiano Ronaldo and Pepe fought side by side in Real Madrid, and they have deep feelings.

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Portugal was briefly out in the dramatic ending of the group stage, but 2-2 draw with France Make sure they enter the knockout stage.

For Ronaldo, this is an important moment because his substitute helped him join Aliday United Highest Scorer In international football.

But in the second round of the match on Sunday night, Portugal clashed with the top ranked Belgium team, which did not get easier for Portugal.

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Cristiano Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo) and Karim Benzema (Karim Benzema) each scored two points in the thriller as they both reached the final 16 of the 2020 European Cup after a 2-2 draw

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