This is what Ontario will allow when it enters the second step of its reopening plan next Wednesday

Ontario will enter the next phase of its reopening plan next Wednesday, allowing more outdoor activities and allowing some indoor services, but with capacity restrictions and shielding rules. The following is what is allowed in step 2.

get together

  • Outdoor party for up to 25 people.
  • Indoor gatherings of up to five people.

Retail, catering and in-house services

  • Basic retail stores can be opened to 50% capacity.
  • Non-essential retail stores can be opened to 25% capacity.
  • Shops in the mall can be opened.
  • If you can wear masks all the time, personal care services such as salons can be opened up to 25% of the capacity.
  • Outdoor dining is expanded to 6 people per table, except for large families.
  • The public library can open up to 25% of its capacity.
  • Religious services and other ceremonies, such as weddings and funerals, can accommodate up to 25%.


  • For outdoor fitness classes, the distance between people is three meters.
  • Non-contact outdoor sports, unlimited number or team.
  • Children’s overnight camp.
  • Outdoor concerts, theaters, cinemas, sports facilities, horse racing and racing tracks can accommodate up to 25% of the audience.
  • Outdoor water parks, fairs, festivals and amusement parks can hold up to 25% of the capacity.

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