The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said a man attacked two women wearing headscarves outside Edmonton with a knife

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are looking for a suspect because they say a masked man attacked two young women wearing headscarves and knocked a woman unconscious in a daytime attack in St. Albert, Alta. And attacked another woman with the tip of a knife.

The St. Albert RCMP stated on Thursday that the incident occurred around 12:30 on Wednesday afternoon and is under investigation as a hate crime.

The women are walking along the gravel path near Aldwood Park, which borders northwest Edmonton.

The RCMP said at a press conference that a white man wearing a headscarf and shouting racist remarks approached them.

He grabbed a woman’s headscarf and pushed her to the ground, making her unconscious.

Then he took out a knife and knocked down the second woman, held the knife to her throat, while continuing to yell racism against the two women.

Police said the suspect fled after the attack.

The first woman regained consciousness and was taken to the hospital without her life in danger. The RCMP said the second woman suffered minor injuries but was not taken to the hospital.

Police officers and police dogs searched the area for the suspect, but they did not find him.

The investigation is ongoing. The St. Albert RCMP is cooperating with the Edmonton Police Department.

The police said the suspect was a white man about 50 years old, about 6 feet tall, of medium build, and broad shoulders.

He has light-colored short hair and light-colored eyes. He is wearing dark blue jeans, a navy blue shirt and a red and white headscarf with graffiti lettering.

The attack occurred weeks after a Muslim family was destroyed and killed in London, Ontario, prompting a national call for action to address the issue of anti-Muslim hatred. Nathaniel Wiltman Facing four first-degree murder charges, one attempted murder charge and related terrorist charges.

Some recent attacks against Muslim women Edmonton Report, Including earlier this month, it was reported that a Somali Canadian woman wearing a headscarf was caught by the neck and pushed onto the sidewalk.

In a statement, Edmonton Mayor Don Ivesson called the attack unacceptable and supported calls for strengthening hate laws in Canada.

“This attack is unacceptable. In particular, our Muslim community seems to be targeted in this way again. Our Muslim neighbors, friends, and family members should feel safe and welcome in their communities. I am sad, among them. Many people feel insecure now,” he said.

“The City of Edmonton supports calls to strengthen hate laws in Canada and will continue to find ways we can work with partners to stop hate attacks.”

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