“This is a human rights issue,” Fan said

Van Marisa Cooper, a 28-year-old from Los Angeles, exclusively told The Sun that he was able to attend the court hearing as one of the lucky few free Britney protesters.

“This is crazy. I love Britney, but honestly, when I heard about regulators, I liked her better. It’s a human rights issue,” Marissa said.

“I just think her team can get away with justice for such a long time. It’s crazy. It really shows that there are huge flaws in the system. It made me watch all these documentaries about guardianship and supervision. A lot of people are happening. This situation,” the fan continued.

“Just knowing that she doesn’t have human rights, she compares her situation to sex trafficking-it’s terrible,” she said. “I hope everyone now sees that if they are not allowed to be their own people, anyone will go crazy.”

Marisa said that Britney’s team has an agenda.

“Of course, they make her look miserable and crazy. They need her to keep order,” she said.

“In the beginning everyone was saying,’As long as Jamie Spears is gone’. But it has gone so far. Hope she can control her life freely and they can end supervision,” she added. “I hope they don’t let her have an evaluation.”


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