The Phillies in 2021 are not building very well

The Phillies in 2021 are not building very well


It’s frustrating to watch the Phillies lead, run bases, and miss regular defensive balls night after night.

The Phils team in 2021 may be at a turning point, this weekend they will play four games with the NL’s leading Mets in the East. If Philadelphia does not find a way to at least draw the series, then they will be far behind New York and may fall into a big hole that cannot be tapped before the trade deadline arrives at the end of July.

Dave Dombrowski and the front desk of Phils will pay close attention. Although Joe Girardi must have mismanaged the bullpen and his injuries are cruel, people can’t help but feel that this chaos is largely the cause of the new president of baseball operations. fault.

Many people were excited that when they were hired last December, a general manager who won the World Series will give the Phillies the order. For the team that has been hovering around 0.500 in the past few seasons, he made a series of moves known as wise and additional corrections.

But as the 2021 season progresses, his actions seem to be counterproductive. Dombrowski was in Nashville when he was hired by Philadelphia, focusing on helping the city one day build an expansion team. He did not follow baseball as closely as most GM candidates might have, and maybe that is why many of his moves this winter were unsuccessful.

A few are exercising. Most of them are epic failures. come and see:

Bad action

Sign Didi Gregorius (US$28 million for two years)

When February arrived, there were no shortstops on the Phillies’ roster, so the front desk panicked and gave Gregory almost everything he wanted to return to the Philadelphia team. In return, Phils only saw him play 32 games this season, during which time his shooting percentage reached 0.229. His injuries seem to be endless, and the vacancies on the list have been filled by Nick Maiton, Ronald Torreyes and Luke Williams. None of them have held this job for a long time. The shortstop position has a WAR of -1.2, ranking third in baseball. Will the 31-year-old strong SS rebound for the rest of his contract? He is better; otherwise, it will be a stain on Dombrowski’s record.

Signed Archie Bradley ($6 million)

Bradley has always been…very good. He has a 4.20 ERA, but since he has been battling injuries throughout the spring, his pitch rate is not high. In fact, so far, he has only cast 15 innings and only 12 strikeouts. He was signed as the trump card and in-game eater in the bullpen. On the contrary, he only appeared in the middle relief a few times. So far, this signing is a failure. A theme is beginning to emerge-signing a player over 30 can cause injury or regression.

Signed Matt Moore and Chase Anderson for $7 million

The Phillies sold this as an excellent, low-key way to start with two veterans with good records (by the way, they are both in their 30s). On the contrary, both are bad and both are on the injured list. Neither seems suitable for returning to the rotation in the short term. The money that could have been spent on someone like Cole Hamels, or on two rosters, could have been spent on a young starter with real potential. What a waste of money.

Cole Owen

In hindsight, this is a bad thing. Because the Phillies desperately need the 4th and 5th starters, Irving has done a good job in this role on the track team. So far this year, he has started 15 games and has a self-report rate of less than 4. The Phillies would die for a starter, just like Irving, he kept his team in the game and shot 89 innings. But this winter they traded him for some reason in exchange for some cash.

Signed Matt Joyce

Joyce should have been a seasoned fourth fielder. He has 5 hits out of 50 hits this season (an average of 0.100).

Signed Brandon Kinzler

In 18 innings, Kinzler has made 31 hits and 17 runs. His self-report rate is 8.50.

Good action

Signed a contract with JT Realmuto ($115.5 million for 5 years)

Although he was injured earlier this year, it is hard to say that signing JT was not a good move. The Phillies have a five-year franchise cornerstone-although people can’t help but worry about his health, because he will be 35 when the deal closes. How much Dombrowski has to do with the signing of the agreement, as John Middleton is clearly its catalyst, it is not yet known. But the transaction has been completed, and the Phillies have no question mark on the position of the receiver. So this is a good thing.

Trade Garrett Crivenje for Jose Alvarado

Cleavenger is a substitute for the Dodgers and has a SR of 3.24. At the same time, Alvarado has an absolute gun, with arm speeds usually exceeding 100 mph. Although Alvarado and his control problems are frustrating, it seems to be working. His self-blame rate is 2.70, which is one of the few bright spots in the bullpen.

Signed Brad Miller

Miller had six home runs as a reserve team, shooting 0.244 from the field. Relative to the rest of this list, these numbers are good. Good signing, I guess.

Ronald Torreyes

Torreyes has a 0.270 field goal percentage and is a reliable infielder. They need these. Almost every infielder has been injured this offseason, which makes it difficult for the lineup to find consistency.

So in a nutshell, Dombrowki’s fourth and fifth starters failed miserably. His big ticket shortstop signature can’t stay healthy. His bullpen signings did not meet the standards. Somehow, this team built around veterans did not stay healthy. Go to figure it out. Dombrowski knew the team needed depth, but he didn’t go far enough to provide the Phillies with the backup reinforcements they needed.

He did not make the team younger, which put a lot of pressure on the team’s salary situation. The Phillies rank fifth in salary in baseball games and 22nd best record.

It may be unfair to blame Dombrowski for unforeseen consequences, injuries and the rather unpredictable performance of his players. But these moves did not work, the ownership and fans’ high hopes for the regime may fall into despair if things continue to develop south, soon.

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