The new house of Eagles rookie Devonta Smith surprised his mom

The Philadelphia Eagles rookie wide receiver Devonta Smith is the team’s most exciting offensive rookie in more than a decade. Not every year fans can expect the arrival of a college superstar who won the Heisman Trophy. He compares Marvin Harrison with Isaac Bruce and others.

Earlier this month, Smith was one of the Hawks rookies and signed their first NFL contract. As the top ten pick, Smith’s trade is worth $20.1 million, fully guaranteed, and the team has a fifth-year option.

Smith’s first thing was to buy a new house for his mother. This was a heartwarming moment for him. Share on Instagram on Thursday.

Smith spoke at the press conference about the role his mother Christine Smith-Silff played in shaping him into who he is today. Smith-Sylve is a social worker who has spent her career in a difficult family environment in Southeastern Louisiana.

“I think it makes me a better son, just because I know what’s happening in other people’s homes, I just don’t want my mother to fall into this situation,” Smith said.

Smith’s growth experience last month retirement The Enquirer Sports columnist Les Bowen Talk to Smith Silver About the lessons she tried to instill as a parent.

“I always tell him,’We don’t have a lot. But what we have, we cherish, and some people are not lucky [enough] Have what you have. We have not lived a luxurious lifestyle, but what we have, I work hard, we take care of it, and we never leave. “

It is not clear where Smith bought the house for his mother, but it looks like she will feel comfortable in the next few years.

As for Smith, he said that his focus is still football, and the lifestyle of high-paid athletes is not his current motivation.

“Just deposit it in the bank and that’s it,” Smith said at a meeting. Recent press conference“This is the goal I have been working on, but in the end I have not finished it. I am not playing this to get a contract, I hope to get more contracts. But in the end it comes down to my work. If I continue to follow me Work and handle my business the way I have always worked, then that time will come.”

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