The documentary marks Madame Dee’s 60th birthday as Prince Harry will return to the memorial statue

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He later claimed that his boss had put “strong” pressure on him to remember the details of the night his son was killed. In 2000, he published a book called “The Story of the Bodyguard: Diana, the Crash, and the Only Survivor”, which was rumored to have earned him 1 million pounds.

But it is said that after he and Fayed were involved in a series of lawsuits in England and France, most of the costs have been consumed by lawyers’ fees. A few months before the crash, he broke up with his first wife Su. In 2003, he married his second wife, Ann Scott, who was a teacher.

Trevor is recovering well, can participate in the local rugby team in North Wales, and founded a company as a security consultant. In 2008, before being summoned to testify, he worked in war-torn Iraq. More than ten years later, his face was still scarred.

He told the coroner that he had a vague memory of a motorcycle next to the vehicle, and a woman’s voice called “Dodi”, but he was not sure whether this was a real memory.

He also denied Mr. al-Fayed’s statement that he was involved in cover-up work after Diana and Dodi were killed by MI6 under the order of Prince Philip.Trevor said: “I am not involved in a conspiracy to suppress the truth at all. All I do is tell the truth about what I see.” In 2016, Diana’s former police protection officer Ken Wolf accused Trevor of letting the princess sit on Mercedes.

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