The Court of Appeals suspends Rudy Giuliani from practicing in New York State

The Court of Appeals suspended Rudy Giuliani’s qualifications to practice in New York State because he made a false statement while trying to get the court to overturn Donald Trump’s defeat in the presidential campaign.

In its motion to suspend Giuliani’s license, a lawyer’s disciplinary committee stated that there was “indisputable evidence” that Giuliani had made false claims to the courts, the public and legislators when promoting the theory that the election was stolen through fraud. statement.

The committee wrote: “This country is being torn apart by the 2020 election and the continued attacks on the legitimacy of our current President Joseph Biden.”

“The hallmark of our democracy is based on free and fair elections. False statements that are designed to incite people to lose confidence in our elections and thereby lead to a loss of confidence in the government usually harm the normal functioning of a free society.”

The ruling signed on Thursday will prevent Giuliani from representing clients as an attorney.

Giuliani’s lawyer said in a statement that his suspension was “unprecedented” before “hearing a hearing on the alleged issues”.

“We believe that once these issues are fully discussed at the hearing, Mr. Giuliani will be restored to an important member of the legal profession, and he has served well in multiple capacities over the years,” lawyers Barry Cummings and John Lay Vental wrote.

In the decision, the committee wrote that Giuliani, as Trump’s lawyer, “transmitted clearly false and misleading statements to the courts, legislators, and the general public.”

Giuliani points out the right to freedom of speech

According to the ruling, Giuliani claimed that the investigation of his actions violated his First Amendment right to freedom of speech, and that he did not intentionally make false statements.

The court rejected these arguments and pointed out that in Pennsylvania, Giuliani failed to “provide little evidence for any change and extremely inconsistent number of dead people he actually represented in Philadelphia during the 2020 presidential election.”

Giuliani is the main spokesperson for Trump’s lies after the 2020 election. Standing at the press conference before the beautification of the Four Seasons Biden’s campaign was held on the outskirts of Philadelphia, and he said that they would challenge the huge conspiracy of the Democrats he claimed.

Lies surrounding the 2020 election fuel a group of angry pro-Trump mobs Will attack the U.S. Capitol on January 6. To prevent Biden from winning proof.

Since then, Republicans have used election results to push for stricter voting laws across the country.

Ongoing federal investigation

Giuliani was scrutinized by federal prosecutors for interacting with Ukrainian characters while trying to get Ukraine to investigate Biden’s son.

Federal agents raided Giuliani’s home and office in April, Carry electronic equipment, including mobile phones and computers.

The investigation includes a review of whether Giuliani needs to be registered as a foreign agent in the United States

Some Ukrainian figures who worked with Giuliani are also interested in getting him to help lobby the Trump administration Fire the U.S. ambassador to the country.

The investigation was not a factor in the suspension of his legal license.

Former federal prosecutor David S. Weinstein said that the suspension will not affect Giuliani’s ability to serve as a lobbyist or conduct security consulting, but may prevent him from practicing in jurisdictions outside of New York.

He said that Giuliani will be obliged to tell other states about the suspension, “This is likely to make them say,’You can’t practice here.'”

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