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Stacks Accelerator, a three-month guidance plan for building decentralized applications (dApps) Bitcoin, Today announced investments in 25 verticals, such as privacy, decentralized finance (DeFi), sustainability, incentives, music/art, and fertility. Stacks Accelerator supports startups using Stacks to develop a Bitcoin-based user-owned Internet.

Among hundreds of applicants, 25 startups were selected as the first batch of Stacks Accelerator. The cross-section of the applications under development is very broad, covering enhanced private communications, DeFi on Bitcoin, NFT discovery and markets, art sources, censorship resistance, chain of custody verification, and next-generation reward applications.


For example, Pravica provides peer-to-peer and end-to-end encrypted communication without asking for any personally identifiable information. Arkadiko uses a non-custodial liquidity protocol to authorize DeFi on Bitcoin through Stacks to mint stable coins, helping users earn interest and borrow assets.

Starting in India and expanding overseas, GoSats allows users to receive “satoshis”, the smallest unit of Bitcoin, rather than cash back. Moon makes the dream of “live on Bitcoin” closer to reality by allowing users to instantly convert a specified amount of Bitcoin into U.S. dollars and load it onto a KYC-free VISA card.

Eggschain owns a patent for tracking embryos, organs, and tissues through the blockchain. It is providing a safe and verifiable chain of custody for the most valuable assets in life, protecting legitimate custodians from malicious actors. They can (and do ) Through bribery or other means.

“The variety of decentralized applications being built underscores the incredible talent that Stacks attracts because of its mission and leading technology. In the more than 10 years I have been consulting and investing in early-stage companies, the quality of the founders we have attracted Is one of the best founders I have ever worked with.”
– Stacks Accelerator managing partner, Trevor Owens

This Stack accelerator Give entrepreneurs the opportunity to get practical guidance from Stacks experts, senior investors, and mentors including Anthony Pompliano and Eric Ries. The accelerator provides support in a variety of ways, from lean startup seminars to helping find precise product market matches, to branding, marketing, legal, and growth hacking assistance.

In July and September, these companies will showcase their products and services to more than 100 investors within two days, including Digital Currency Group, USV, and Fenbushi Capital.

The complete list of companies in the queue is as follows:

  • ALEX-Mortgage
  • Arkadiko – Create stablecoin, liquidity protocol
  • BlockSurvey-Survey/form collection in the case that BlockSurvey cannot access the collected data
  • BlockTech – As a higher education diploma of NFT to combat diploma fraud and show the value of blockchain to the Pakistani government
  • Bransfer-BTC transfer fees between exchanges are greatly reduced and faster
  • CryptoMate-Stacks decentralized exchange focusing on South America
  • Eggschain – Inventory management of biological specimens and a constant chain of custody
  • Glowcase – Get paid for discovering great NFTs
  • GoSats – Get cash back rewards when shopping, but use Bitcoin
  • HireVibes – Job posting/discovery site for Web 3.0
  • Layer-easy art storage and organization, one-click NFT minting
  • Lucidefi-Stacks decentralized exchange focused on Asia
  • Momento – TikTok of NFT
  • Moon – VISA card that instantly converts BTC to USD without KYC
  • NovumInsights-Yield Agriculture/Robot Consultant
  • OBY – A set of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) products on Stacks
  • Open art source-the source of physical art supported by artificial intelligence, VR art galleries, and art markets with blockchain-protected ownership records
  • Pravica-a peer-to-peer, end-to-end encrypted chat and email application that does not require any personal data to open an account
  • Rcrdshp / Let The Music Pay – Music NFT as a collection, focusing on festivals and DJs
  • Redeemable-NFT market, which can be converted to special access rights or interact with NFT issuers
  • Risidio – a pro-artist NFT market cooperating with DeadMau5, Cara Delavingne, Chemical X, etc.
  • SEEK-a gig market where gig workers have their data, history, reviews, etc.
  • Sigle-a blog site where users, not the site, own their posts/data
  • Sustainable Bitcoin Standard-Carbon Credit System and Certification for BTC Miners
  • TottineTrust-a joint pension fund with transparent accounting on the blockchain

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