“Seek the truth”: Pelosi forms a team to investigate the Capitol riots | Donald Trump News

The Republicans in the United States vetoed a bill to establish a bipartisan committee; the top Democrats in the House of Representatives moved on without them.

The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, officially announced on Thursday that she is setting up a special committee to investigate attack In the U.S. Capitol, it was said that “we must seek the truth.”

The new committee was formed after the Republicans in the Senate Blocked A bill passed by the House of Representatives that would establish a bipartisan committee to investigate the attack.

A group of violent supporters of then-President Donald Trump overtake The police broke into the building on January 6 and pursued lawmakers as they tried to prevent proof of Joe Biden’s presidential election victory.

The violence resulted in the death of five people, including a congressional policeman.more than 480 people already Arrested on charges Related to the attack.

“January 6 is a dark day for our country,” Pelosi said, and she cannot forgive the “fear and trauma” of the members and staff there.

She did not disclose who will lead or serve as a member of the committee, and said that the committee does not have a fixed timetable and will investigate and report the facts and reasons of the attack, and make recommendations to prevent recurrence.

Pelosi officially announced to her colleagues that she would create the committee two days later, which means that the Democratic Party will lead the most comprehensive review of the siege possible.

More than 30 Republicans and seven Republican senators in the House of Representatives said they want to avoid party investigations and support legislation to establish a committee that will model a similar group investigating the 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington. , DC in 2001.

But these numbers are not enough to defeat the Republican Party Oppose In the Senate, if all Democrats vote in favor, the support of 10 Republicans is needed to pass the majority of the bill.

Pelosi said that the select committee can be used as a supplement to the independent group, and she “hopes that a committee can be established at some point.”

Many Republicans have made it clear that they want to move on from the January 6th attack and put aside many unresolved issues related to the insurgency, including how the government and law enforcement agencies missed intelligence resulting in Riots and Trump’s role before And during the attack.

Trump, who stepped down in late January, has repeatedly False accusation His election failure in November was due to voter fraud, and this claim was reviewed and rejected by multiple courts, state election officials, and his own government.

Some Republicans even belittle In the violent incident, some people believed that the rioters looked like tourists, while another insisted that a woman named Ashley Babbitt was shot that day while trying to break into the House of Representatives through a window. Was “executed”.

Last week, 21 Republicans Vote against On January 6, Medal of Honor was awarded to the US Capitol Police and Metropolitan Police to thank them for their services. Dozens of police officers were injured, including chemical burns, brain injuries and fractures.

Seven people died during and after the riots, including Babbitt, three other Trump supporters who died as a result of a medical emergency, and two police officers who died by suicide in the following days. The third police officer Brian Sicknick (Brian Sicknick) fell after contact with the protesters and then died, but a forensic doctor determined that he died of natural causes.

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