Report: Ben Simmons’s agent met with the 76ers to discuss the future with the team

Report: Ben Simmons’s agent met with the 76ers to discuss the future with the team


According to a new report by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, his agent was criticized for his role in Philadelphia’s second-round defeat. Rich Paul met with the 76ers and discussed his future with the team.

According to Wojnarowski, Simmons and his camp did not make a transaction request, but as the two sides began to work hard through a long and chaotic summer, negotiations continued. Here is what Woj said at the meeting:

According to sources, Paul met with the president of basketball operations Darryl Morey and general manager Elton Brand before the draft, and began to evaluate the next step in Simmons’s career in the 76ers.

The source said that Paul and the 76ers discussed whether it makes sense to cooperate to find a deal before the start of next season, but did not make any requests. It is expected that the two sides will continue the discussion before the NBA draft on July 29 and the free agent market in August.

According to sources, the 76ers are committed to making Simmons the core player of the team. The 24-year-old Simmons has 4 years remaining on the contract and $147 million. After Simmons’s season ended in a frustrating performance in seven games in the Eastern Conference semifinals lost to the Atlanta Hawks, the Sixers focused their attention on his shooting. Sources said that Simmons and coach Rivers met this week to discuss improvement plans. Sources said that although Simmons scored a total of 19 points in the last three games against the Eagles, his trading value in the market is still high. [ESPN]

Taking all of this apart, the lack of a formal trade request does not seem to mean that the 76ers have been out of trouble, or that they must have established a partnership with Simmons. So far, including everything that Darryl Morey said in an interview with the media, basically what the 76ers have to say in order to keep all their choices open. To make it clear that they will trade him will only weaken their status and/or anger the Simmons camp. If nothing else, it is in their best interest to maintain a positive working relationship.

However, Simmons’s tenure in Philadelphia has reached the need to discuss his future at this level is a red flag in itself, showing how things have changed in the past few years and how his position in the organization has declined. Previously, the 76ers even refused to consider his name in trade discussions with players like Kawhi Leonard, rewarded him with a maximum salary contract, and effectively chose him as a point guard instead of with Jimmy Butler. Potential partners.

As Wonarovsky pointed out, this does not mean that the 76ers are ready to exchange US dollars for Simmons, and some of the false trades that appeared in his name this week are for his second round of facial planting. It’s a bit overkill. Although there is a pattern at the highest level of the playoffs, many teams in the league are happy to make the playoffs first, and Simmons’s night and day performance is still a strong selling point there.

The question surrounding all these discussions is-can the 76ers find a move that suits all parties?

They are dealing with the highest-level clients of a powerful organization, trying to get a team that can help Joel Embiid (Joel Embiid) compete for the title in a short time, and due to recent reasons, their position is at least some The weakness and the consistency of Simmons’ failure in the playoffs. It will be difficult to please everyone, and assume that everyone in the Philadelphia think tank is on the exact same page. This is far from a guarantee-for example, the Simmons for Harden deal did not reach a consensus, and Harden is much better than most of the names that are potential trading targets this week.

In other words, please stay tuned.

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