Know-it-all: SD Loyal sees “results and rewards” from Black’s game

Know-it-all: SD Loyal sees “results and rewards” from Black’s game


San Diego-His name is Jack Black. If you haven’t heard of him before, you will surely have heard of him soon.

The England midfielder led San Diego Loyal SC with four goals.The first of his two goals against the Phoenix Rise on Saturday was also Strive for this week’s USL championship goal.

Blake joined the team from the Royal Monarchs last year, hoping to have an immediate impact.

“There are many superlative words to describe his performance,” said loyal manager Landon Donovan. “We brought him here for a reason. He is demonstrating his abilities. We are very happy to have Jack Black here. He has an outstanding career in Salt Lake City, and he is the one we have been pursuing.”

Blake appears humble and motivated. He said he knew that after a difficult start to the season, the Loyalty team would soon break into victory.

“We just had to get through the spell that we didn’t play well and we didn’t get the result,” Black said. “There is not much change. We just stick to our same mentality, our same philosophy, and I think now that once we get along more comfortable with each other, we will be more confident. I think you have begun to see the rewards of our way of playing football. Up.”

The 26-year-old also thanked the fans for allowing him and his team to play like them.

“They are indeed our 12th person to really push us through the storm,” he said. “In a game like Vegas, when we are behind or we need to equalize or need to win, they will really push us forward. If it weren’t for them, we might not be playing against Las Vegas and the Los Angeles Galaxy. Get these three points in the game. They are a huge help for us.”

Every goal Blake has made shows his value to this San Diego team. This is something he doesn’t take for granted.

“Only my teammates and everyone understand their respective roles, which makes my role easier,” he said. “Just trust-trust each other, people trust me, I trust other people, I think as I said, once you start getting along more comfortable with each other, results and rewards will begin to come.”

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