Home Depot, Pennsylvania exorcism group kicked out of shop

Home Depot, Pennsylvania exorcism group kicked out of shop



Exorcism rituals can be held in some places, and exorcism rituals can be avoided in some places.

Guess where is the timber aisle at Home Depot?

A police report from Dixon, Lakwana County this week has attracted attention. Strange description An incident that happened on Monday.

“3:26 pm: Commerce Blvd. @Home Depot, exorcising dead trees on Timber Island (sic) for disorderly people,” the authorities wrote. “They were escorted out of the building.”

The phone call to the Dixon City Police caused a police officer to chuckle.

“There are two people hanging out in the timber department, doing their trivial exorcism,” the official said. “Some people in the store started to realize that something unusual was happening. The police were called into the store and they were escorted out of the building.”

The official said that the persons involved will not be charged.

“For the deceased, this is a kind of surrender,” he said.

An employee who answered the phone at Home Depot said the store would not comment on the matter.

The real shame is that in this day and age, when every unwelcome encounter in a business is filmed and shared online, no one seems to have enough awareness to get a shot of what happened.

Exorcism is a terrible thing, whether it’s something you see in a fictional narrative of a real story, such as the “Call of Souls” series, or a documentary exploring the possession of a demon, such asDemon and Father Amos“On Netflix.

However, can trees be possessed? Can they be used for spiritual healing and punishment? M. Knight Shamaran Have some discussion about this In his 2008 ecological destroyer “What’s Happening”, but this is purely fictitious.

It sounds strange, Benjamin Franklin and Antio Lavasser Conducting placebo-controlled medical experiments In 1784, the treatment method devised by Franz Mesmer was debunked. Considering the sordid history of the European debate about the devil in previous centuries, this study was established at the request of Louis XVI, who established a royal commission to find out the truth.

Hypnotism stems from an effort to prove that “animal magnetism”-a natural transfer of energy between living things and inanimate objects-can be summoned and participated without religion as a cornerstone. Franklin conducted this research to determine whether Mesmer discovered a new physical force, or “fluid” in Mesmer’s vocabulary.

One patient in the experiment was sensitive to the presence of “hypnotized” trees, and passed out when he came into contact with the tree that was told to be “treated”, even though it did not actually exist. Earlier, according to Mesmer’s treatment, the patient had no response to a tree that was secretly hypnotized. The Royal Commission concluded that Mesmer’s “liquid” was fake, but the experiment did not seriously study whether hypnotism can cure people’s problems.

There is also the Devil Tree in New Jersey, where there are various legends, and there is an evil oak tree on a large area of ??Bernards Town.Strange New Jersey Reader Shared some of their supernatural experiences On the tree. They all sound ridiculous.

We might even try to explain this behavior. The only lesson learned is that you can buy almost anything at Home Depot, but wood does not exist for exorcism.


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