Green list update: as Ibiza, Mallorca, Malta, Madeira and the Caribbean islands receive green lights, there has been an increase in holidays

SUNSEEKERS got the biggest boost of the year tonight, with Ibiza, Mallorca, Malta and the Caribbean all being promoted to the green list.

In the major victory of the summer vacation, the list of new destinations that Britons can travel without quarantine is open for foreign travel as early as next week.

With the exception of Malta, all countries are on the green “watch list”, which means they are on the verge of returning to amber.

But this means that from 4am next Wednesday, passengers will be able to fly from the UKBalearicThere is no need to squat down at home when returning.

The announcement was welcomed by poorly funded airlines, travel companies, and vacationers eager to retreat after the pandemic after months of lockdown.

Read the Green List Travel live blog below for the latest news and updates.

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