Even finance professors are leaning to the left

You might think that finance professors in business schools may be a fairly conservative group, or at least include many such people. You might think that finance is an exception to the growing monoculture of American academia. You are mostly wrong.

Emre Power Trace the party memberships of finance professors in the top 20 departments in the United States, and write the results in “Even finance professors are leaning to the left.

Berkeley has more Republicans than Chicago? I think the number is very low because many teachers are not American citizens. It was initially surprising how many finance faculty did not even register to vote, but I suspect this reflects the large number of non-US citizens in the finance department.

The millennials are here…or maybe Churchill is right about the mind and the brain.

Journal editor:

Even JFE cannot show many Republicans!

Of course, by the standards of most other universities, this is an amazing political diversity.

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