Clementon Park and Splashing World were finally allowed to reopen after being suspended for nearly two years

Clementon Park and Splash World in Camden County have officially returned after being closed for nearly two years.

The owner of the South Jersey Amusement Park said in a statement on Thursday that the amusement park will reopen with new ownership on Friday after Clementon Borough officials approved its resumption of operations earlier this week. .

Guests will be able to enjoy all eight attractions in Splash World and a limited number of 18 thrills and family rides Clementon Park When it was initially reopened. The amusement park will be open daily from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm during the first week of operation.

The 114-year-old park will offer daily discounted tickets until the end of June to celebrate its reopening. Guests 60 years and older can enter the venue for $19.99, while all other guests can enter for $29.99. The 2021 season pass will be priced at $64.99. Parking will be free throughout the season.

Thank you everyone for your patience and waiting for us to resolve the last remaining items needed to get approval to reopen…

Publisher Clementon Park and Splash World on Wednesday, June 23, 2021

This 52-acre facility was originally opened as a trolleybus park in 1907 to increase weekend trips on bus routes to Philadelphia. Splash World was added to the park’s landscape in 2003.

The amusement park was sold to Premier Parks in Oklahoma in 2011, which later sold 12 of its 16 park properties in North America while still operating as Clementon Parks. Clementon is one of four unsold companies.

Clementon Park Cancelled the third Autumn Music Festival in 2019 and suddenly closed the door for the season September of that year. It has been closed since then.

Clementon Park, valued at US$4.25 million in 2019, was one of the oldest continuously operating amusement parks in the country before it closed.

amusement park Auction starts in March, When everything-rides, concession booths, liquor licenses and other attractions-are available.

Indiana Beach Parks and Recreation Purchased an amusement park for $2.6 million During the auction this spring, I hope to reopen later this year.

Since the purchase, Clementon Park has been undergoing repairs and improvements for the past three months in preparation for the reopening.

According to reports, the new owner of the amusement park had hoped to reopen Clementon Park at three different times in the past month, including Memorial Day weekend. New Jersey Net.

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