After Jody Wilson-Rebald accused her of sending “racist” private messages, Bennett publicly apologized

After Jody Wilson-Rebald accused her of sending “racist” private messages, Bennett publicly apologized


After implying that Jody Wilson-Raybould’s concerns about boarding schools and the rights of indigenous peoples are actually a strategy to ensure a generous pension for members of the parliament, the federal cabinet minister in charge of royal-indigenous relations Today, I publicly apologized to an indigenous congressman.

“Earlier, I directly apologized to the councillors in Vancouver-Granville. I made relationships better and made an insensitive and inappropriate comment. I deeply regret that I shouldn’t do this either,” Royal Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett said in a social media post.

Former Attorney General and Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould (Jody Wilson-Raybould) is an independent member of Vancouver’s Granville, known for resigning from the Liberal Party cabinet, and was later adopted by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Justin Trudeau) Removal from the party SNC-Lan Wanling incident.

Earlier today, Wilson-Raybould tweeted Trudeau’s call for what she called a “selfish campaign” and asked him to fulfill his promise of transformative indigenous rights legislation in 2018.

After Wilson-Raybould posted a picture of the private message she received from Bennett, Bennett apologized and quoted her tweet. This message has only one word: “Pension?”

Wilson-Raybould described this message as “racist and misogynistic.” She said it reflected the “indigenous laziness concept” and suggested that “a strong aboriginal woman is a bad” aboriginal woman.

According to the Law on Retirement Allowances for Members of Congress, members of Congress must contribute to the plan for at least six years before they can apply for pensions.

Wilson-Raybould was one of 142 members of parliament elected for the first time on October 19, 2015. For these parliamentarians, if they lose in the elections held before October 19, 2021, they will lose their pensions.

Starting from the age of 65, they may lose at least more than $32,000 in retirement benefits each year. Based on the additional years of service, the amount will be indexed and become more generous.

The basic annual salary of a member of Congress is US$185,800. Ministers and parliament secretaries receive better salaries and allowances.

According to statistics from Radio Canada, more than half of the Liberal Party caucus members—92 members of Congress including 23 ministers—may lose the opportunity to receive pensions in the early elections.

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