Response string Mass shooting With the rising crime rate in the United States, President Joe Biden is taking new measures to control gun violence, adopting a “zero tolerance” policy for gun dealers, and providing new funding for the police and the community.

According to White House officials, Biden will announce new gun safety measures in a speech on Wednesday and will reallocate $350 billion in COVID-19 funds to solve crime problems.

Biden government officials involved in the details of the plan told the Associated Press that the city can use the funds to hire law enforcement officers, pay overtime, prosecute gun traffickers, and invest in technology to improve law enforcement efficiency.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters during a preview of the presidential statement on Tuesday that the president believes that “gun violence” is an “important driver” of violent crime “in communities and cities across our country.”

Biden will seek transparency in gun data and better coordination among states, and will meet with state leaders, mayors, police officials and others on Wednesday to discuss ways to make communities safer.

White House officials said that Biden will ask Congress to provide more funding for the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Administration, which is responsible for enforcing the federal gun law and regulating gun dealers.

The Ministry of Justice is Unleash the strike force In Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C., an initiative started last month is the foundation to help combat illegal gun traffickers.

Biden issued an executive order in April directing the Department of Justice Blow On a self-assembled “ghost gun” that does not have a serial number and cannot be traced back to its owner.

Police all over the U.S. are here Fight against increasing crime According to the Criminal Justice Commission data cited by the White House, as homicides in big cities increased by 30%, gun attacks increased by 8%, and tensions between the police and the community continued.

“Many of us-if not most-have seen the crime rate rise, and at the same time, we have heard calls for reform,” Baltimore Police Chief Michael Harrison said of the city at a police forum on Tuesday. Shi said.

According to the Associated Press, Harrison said: “Some of these calls have reached the extremes of dismantling and divestment…and we vowed to protect the people.”

As Biden announces his anti-gun strategy, Congress is debating larger proposals Police reform And the background check requirements for the purchase of firearms.

The President and Congress have limited control over American guns. The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects citizens’ right to own weapons.

Biden has long-term political experience in implementing anti-crime and gun control measures, which will help him navigate the current politics of the United States where there are differences on guns and crime issues.

The recent rise in the crime rate in the United States coincides with the coronavirus pandemic, which has become the focus of criticism of Biden by Republican politicians, who quickly characterized the Democrats as “weak to crime.”

A senior government official told Reuters: “The secondary consequences of the pandemic and the proliferation of illegal guns have led to an increase in violence in the past year and a half.”

In the April appeal Tighter gun control After a series of mass shootings, the president Ask Congress Offensive weapons are banned nationwide, but they face opposition from the Republican Party.

Biden is a major supporter of the 1994 Crime Act, which expanded federal prisons, imposed a 10-year ban on offensive weapons, and resulted in harsher penalties for gang-related crimes and other crimes.

Over the years, Biden and his Democrats have been criticized by the African-American community because the content of the bill has led to harsher penalties for black American drug offenses. Biden now supports sentencing reforms.

At the same time, after the “Black People’s Fate” protests that swept the United States in 2020, negotiations between the two parties in Congress on police reform may be coming to an end.

It is not yet clear whether Republicans and Democrats, who are very different on key issues, can agree on a package of police reforms this year.


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